Paul Painlevé's funeral

The following report was published in The Times on 6 November 1933.

Burial of M Painlevé
Brilliant Procession.
Paris 5 November 1933.

The body of M Paul Painlevé was buried with national honours in the Panthéon yesterday, after laying in state for four days in the Echo Hall of the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers.

A brilliant procession, in which were represented the world of science, of which he was a distinguished member, and the national services with which he had long been associated, followed M Painlevé's coffin across the Seine from the Arts et Métiers and up the long slope of the Boulevard St Michael. The procession was headed by mounted trumpeters of the Guarde Républicaine, followed by detachments of troops of all arms. Three cars loaded with wreaths preceded the hearse which was flanked by a guard of honour of airman with arms reversed.

The hearse was followed by M Painlevé's son, M Jean Painlevé, his nephew, M Pierre Appell [Paul Appell's son], and other mourners, and the procession included, besides the members of the Government, the Presidents and officers of the Senate and Chamber, Marshal Pétain. Professor Émile Picard, representatives of the City of Paris and the Seine Department, and members of the French Academy, the Institut, and the Bar. The President of the Republic was represented by Colonel Garin.

On arrival at the Panthéon the coffin was carried into the building and laid on a low catafalque under the central dome while the pall-bearers and officers with drawn swords formed a circle round it. There was no religious ceremony. M Sarraut, the Prime Minister, delivered the funeral oration on behalf of the Government, and the ceremony closed with the playing of a symphony by Chausson.

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