Peter Pinkerton becomes rector of Glasgow High School

Peter Pinkerton was appointed as rector of Glasgow High School on Tuesday 3 December 1913. The following announcement was sent to the Press:
New Rector of Glasgow High School.

At a special meeting of the School Board of Glasgow yesterday, Mr Peter Pinkerton, deputy-headmaster, and head of the Mathematical department, George Watson's College, Edinburgh, was unanimously appointed rector of Glasgow High School.
Mr Pinkerton, who is forty-three years of age, was educated at Kilmarnock Academy and Glasgow University. He graduated M.A. with distinction in classics, and first-class honours in mathematics and natural philosophy; gained numerous prizes during his course; and held the Breadalbane and John Clark Scholarships in mathematics and natural philosophy. He also secured the degree of D.Sc. at Glasgow, his thesis being on "The Relation of Geometry to Analysis."
For two years he attended the Royal College of Science, Dublin, as holder of a royal exhibition from the Science and Art Department, and obtained several prizes. He has been head of the Mathematical department of George Watson's Boys' College since 1903, and deputy-headmaster since October 1911.
Previously he was headmaster of the Mathematical department of the Royal Academical Institution, Belfast, for three years. From 1893 to 1899 he was a master in Allan Glen's School, Glasgow, teaching in the departments of mathematics, physics, classics, and German.
He has acted for several years as examiner in physics, mathematics, or dynamics, for the degree or preliminary examinations of Glasgow University, and has been a member of the Scottish Universities Joint Board of Examiners. He was secretary, and subsequently president, of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, is editor of Mathematical Notes and the Review of Elementary Mathematics and Science, and joint author with Professor Gibson of "The Elements of Analytical Geometry."

The Rev. Dr Fraser Grahame moved that Mr Pinkerton be appointed to the Rectorship, and expressed the hope that the recommendation of the High School Committee would meet with the approbation of the Board, of all interested in the High School, and of the West of Scotland generally.
The Rev. James Barr seconded, and spoke of the large number of fully-qualified applicants for the position. The motion was approved. The salary attached is £650 per annum.

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