John Henry Pratt's Birthday

Rod Gow writes:-

I noticed the following small inaccuracy on the biography of John Henry Pratt. At the head of the article it says that Pratt was born at St Mary Woolnoth in London on 4 June 1809. Now, St Mary Woolnoth is the church where he was baptized. His birthday was given as 4 June 1809 in the DSB article by Manheim. However, it's not clear if the exact date of birth is known.

The Latter-day Saints genealogy gives 30 June 1809 as the date of baptism, at St Mary Woolnoth, where there was a family connection. This is probably accurate. Pratt's date of birth was never given accurately in any earlier publication. It's not even known if he was born in London, but I suppose this is the case.

Last Updated August 2007