Problems faced by the Sadoskys in 1966

The following article is from the New York Times Service and was published on 19 August 1966.

Teacher Exodus in Argentina Despite Promises by Military

Buenos Aires, Argentina
An exodus of teaching talent from the University of Buenos Aires has begun, it was learned Thursday, amid growing restlessness among students.

Groups of geologists, biologists and professors of organic chemistry have signed contracts with Chilean universities for the spring term starting there next month. Others have agreed to go to Chilean schools in January.

Venezuelan universities have signed a score of mathematics teachers, and the former vice-dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr Manuel Sadosky, is in Montevideo helping place scientific research teams. Scores of teachers have applied schools in Peru, Brazil, Europe and the United States.

"Dr Sadosky has tried to persuade them not to leave," Mrs Sadosky said Thursday. "He is now trying to keep important research and teaching staffs together as units as close to Argentina as possible." The Uruguayan capital is about 80 miles from Buenos Aires.
Some of those emigrating have expressed doubts about promises made by the government to respect academic freedom and to restore a large measure of the autonomy enjoyed by nationally chartered universities before they were seized by the military regime July 29.

Prof Sadosky, a mathematician, was one of many teachers and students beaten by police during a raid on several faculties hours after the decree of Lt Gen Juan Carlos Ongania ended the traditional self-government of the state universities.

Several of those departing termed "too vague" the promises made by Ernique Martinez Paz, minister of the interior and interim minister of education and justice, to six former faculty deans at the University de la Plata last Monday. "If we are to start work in Chile, we can't wait. There should be guarantees now," one associate of Prof Sadosky declared.

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