Mathematical Society of Japan Seasonal Institute

The Mathematical Society of Japan International Research Institute was inaugurated in 1993 and one or two were held most years until 2006 when its scope was expanded and it was renamed the Mathematical Society of Japan Seasonal Institute and held annually. A topic for each Institute is chosen and mathematicians are invited from throughout the world. The aim is that Asian mathematicians and promising young Asian students are given the opportunity to interact with world-leading exerts in their field.

Mathematical Society of Japan International Research Institute:

July 1993 Geometry and Global Analysis

September 1993 Topology of Moduli Space of Curves

March 1995 Geometric Complex Analysis

July 1995 Non Linear Waves

July 1996 Knot Theory

June 1997 Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry

June 1998 Class Field Theory

July 1999 Computational Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics

June 2000 Integrable Systems in Differential Geometry

August 2001 Representation Theory of Algebraic groups and Quantum Groups

July 2002 Stochastic Analysis on Large Scale Interacting Systems

September 2003 Singularity Theory and its Applications

September 2004 Moduli Spaces and Arithmetic geometry

July 2005 Asymptotic Analysis and Singularity

July 2006 International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications

Mathematical Society of Japan Seasonal Institute:

August 2008 Probabilistic Approach to Geometry

August 2009 Arrangements of Hyperplanes

October 2010 Development of Galois-Teichmüller Theory and Anabelian Geometry

September 2011 Nonlinear Dynamics in Partial Differential Equations

July 2012 Schubert calculus

June 2013 Development of Moduli Theory

August 2014 Hyperbolic Geometry and Geometric Group Theory

July 2015 Current Trends on Gröbner Bases - The 50th Anniversary of Gröbner Bases

August 2016 Operator Algebras and Mathematical Physics

July 2017 Iwasawa 2017

July 2018 The Role of Metrics in the Theory of Partial Differential Equations

Last Updated February 2018