Young Researchers in Mathematics

Young Researchers in Mathematics was launched as the "Beyond Part III" postgraduate conference held at the University of Cambridge on 16-18 April 2009. It was also known as Young Researchers in Mathematics 2009 or YRM 2009. Over two hundred young mathematicians and physicists came from as far afield as New Zealand and the USA to take part in a three day conference at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, which also tied in with the 800th anniversary of the founding of the University. The Young Researchers in Mathematics 2010 conference was also run at the University of Cambridge and from then on the conference has become an annual event run at different UK universities.

YRM places emphasis on the involvement of young researchers across a wide range of mathematical disciplines. Aside from plenary talks and one talk per track from invited speakers, all the presentations are made by the young researchers themselves. There are also several social events at each conference aimed at having researchers from across the UK and from other countries getting to know each other.

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2009

Location: Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge
Dates: 16-18 April 2009

Plenary Talks

Speaker: David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at the University of Cambridge
Title: What is the use of probability and statistics in an uncertain world?

Keynote Speakers

Speaker: Dominic Joyce, University of Oxford
Track: Differential Geometry
Title: Riemannian holonomy groups and calibrated geometry

Speaker: Andrew Hogg, University of Bristol
Track: Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Dynamics
Title: Saving lives with fluid mechanics

Speaker: Harvey Reall, University of Cambridge
Track: General Relativity, String Theory
Title: Higher dimensional black holes

Speaker: Tom Leinster, University of Glasgow
Track: Category Theory
Title: Counting, measure, and metrics

Speaker: Jonathan Forster, University of Southampton
Track: Statistics
Title: Statistics: The Mathematics of Society

Speaker: Tom Bridgeland, University of Sheffield
Track: Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry
Title: Moduli spaces and wall-crossing

Speaker: Steve Tobias, University of Leeds
Track: Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Title: The solar tachocline: why is it there and what is it for?

Speaker: Toby Wiseman, Imperial College London
Track: String Theory
Title: Holography and string theory

Speaker: Mike Tehranchi, University of Cambridge
Track: Quantitative Finance
Title: Hedging in large financial markets

Speaker: Jonathan Dawes, University of Bath
Track: Nonlinear Dynamics
Title: Bifurcation theory for localised states

Speaker: Ben Green, University of Cambridge
Track: Additive Combinatorics
Title: Approximate structure

Speaker: Nick Manton, University of Cambridge
Track: Quantum Field Theory, Supersymmetry
Title: From Klein Polynomials to Carbon-12

Speaker: Ivan Fesenko, University of Nottingham
Track: Number Theory
Title: Modern number theory as unifying factor for mathematics

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2010

Location: Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge
Dates: 25-27 March 2010

Plenary talks

Speaker: Michael Green, University of Cambridge
Title: String theory and its dualities

Speaker: Michael Atiyah, University of Edinburgh
Title: A Panoramic View of Mathematics

Keynote Speakers

Speaker: Richard Kaye, University of Birmingham

Speaker: Tim Gowers, University of Cambridge

Speaker: Richard Thomas, Imperial College, London

Speaker: Samir Siksek, University of Warwick

Speaker: Ruth Gregory, University of Durham

Speaker: Yoav Git, Winton Capital

Speaker: Netta Cohen, University of Leeds

Speaker: Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill, University of Edinburgh

Speaker: John Hinch, University of Cambridge

Speaker: Marc Lackenby, Oxford University

Speaker: Dan Segal, Oxford University

Speaker: Philip Dawid, University of Cambridge

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2011

Location: University of Warwick
Dates: 14-16 April 2011

Plenary Talks

Speaker: Robin C Ball, Department of Physics and Centre for Complexity Science, University of Warwick
Title: Optimisation under Uncertainty

Keynote Speakers

Speaker: Martin R. Bridson, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK
Track: Algebra
Title: The universe of finitely presented groups

Speaker: Burt Totaro, DPMMS, University of Cambridge, UK
Track: Algebraic Geometry
Title: Algebraic geometry from a topological point of view

Speaker: John Ball, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK
Track: Analysis and PDEs
Title: Variational problems for solid and liquid crystals

Speaker: Peter Cameron, School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
Track: Combinatorics
Title: Synchronization

Speaker: Jeff Johnson, Open University, UK
Track: Complexity
Title: Hypernetworks for modelling multilevel complex systems

Speaker: Nigel Hitchin, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK
Track: Differential Geometry
Title: Generalized geometry and Poisson geometry

Speaker: Mary Rees, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Liverpool University, UK
Track: Dynamical Systems
Title: Topological models in complex dynamics

Speaker: David Hand, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College, UK
Track: Financial Maths
Title: Evaluating consumer credit scoring models

Speaker: Raymond Goldstein, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK
Track: Mathematical Biology
Title: Fluid Dynamics and the Evolution of Biological Complexity

Speaker: Sandra Chapman, Physics Department, University of Warwick, UK
Track: Maths Physics
Title: Scaling laws, emergence and statistical descriptions of systems that are out of equilibrium: what we can model and measure

Speaker: Kevin Buzzard, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College, UK
Track: Number Theory
Title: Future directions in the Langlands program

Speaker: Saul Jacka, Department of Statistics, University of Warwick, UK
Track: Statistics and Probability
Title: Stochastic Control and Applications

Speaker: Caroline Series, Warwick Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, UK
Track: Topology
Title: Limits of limit sets

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2012

Location: University of Bristol
Dates: 2-4 April 2012

Plenary Talk: Turing centenary lecture
Andrew Hodges, University of Oxford

Keynote Speakers

Speaker: Viviane Baladi, École normale Supérieure
Track: Dynamical Systems

Speaker: Gui-Qiang Chen, University of Oxford
Track: Analysis and PDEs

Speaker: Dimitris Drikakis, Cranfield University
Track: Applied Maths

Speaker: Henryk Iwaniec, Rutgers University
Track: Number Theory

Speaker: Jon Keating, University of Bristol
Track: Quantum Physics

Speaker: Wilfrid Kendall, Warwick University
Track: Probability and Statistics

Speaker: Frances Kirwan, University of Oxford
Track: Geometry and Topology

Speaker: Angus MacIntyre, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London
Track: Logic and Set Theory

Speaker: Renato Renner, ETH Zurich
Track: Cryptography and Quantum Information

Speaker: Jan Saxl, University of Cambridge
Track: Algebra

Speaker: Reidun Twarock, University of York
Track: Mathematical Biology

Speaker: Julia Wolf, Ecole Polytechnique
Track: Combinatorics

Speaker: Mark Davis, Imperial College London
Track: Mathematical Finance

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2013

Location: University of Edinburgh
Dates: 17-20 June 2013

Plenary Talks

Speaker: Dusa McDuff, Barnard College, New York

Speaker: Michael Atiyah, University of Edinburgh

Keynote Speakers

Speaker: Ken Brown, University of Glasgow
Track: Algebra

Speaker: Ulrike Tillmann, University of Oxford
Track: Algebraic Topology

Speaker: James Robinson, University of Warwick
Track: Analysis and PDE

Speaker: Tom Leinster, University of Edinburgh
Track: Category Theory

Speaker: Bela Bollobas, University of Cambridge
Track: Combinatorics

Speaker: Mihail Zervos, London School of Economics
Track: Financial Mathematics

Speaker: Silvia Sabatini, EPFL
Track: Geometry

Speaker: Jonathan Sherratt, Heriot-Watt University
Track: Mathematical Biology

Speaker: Christian Blohmann, MPI Bonn
Track: Mathematical Physics

Speaker: Ben Green, University of Cambridge
Track: Number Theory

Speaker: Endre Suli, University of Oxford
Track: Numerical Analysis

Speaker: Andrea Albrecht, University of Freiburg
Track: History of Mathematics

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2014

Location: University of Warwick
Dates: 30 June - 3 July 2014

Plenary Talks

Speaker: Jeremy Gray, Open University/Warwick University
Title: It's too late now! What you might have done starting out a long time ago

Speaker: Ian Stewart, Warwick University
Title: Network Models of Visual Illusions and Rivalry

Keynote Speakers

Speaker: John Ball, University of Oxford
Track: Analysis & PDEs
Title: Mathematics of Interfaces in Solids

Speaker: Hugo Duminil-Copin, University of Geneva
Track: Probability and Statistics
Title: The self-avoiding walk on the hexagonal lattice: from combinatorics to Conformal Field Theory

Speaker: Rebecca Hoyle, University of Surrey
Track: Maths & Biology
Title: Maternal effects and environmental change

Speaker: Colva Roney-Dougal, University of St Andrews
Track: Algebra
Title: Groups, diagrams and geometries

Speaker: Robert Mackay, Warwick University
Track: Maths & Physics
Title: A kinematic explanation for gamma-ray bursts

Speaker: Thomas Forster, University of Cambridge
Track: Set Theory & Logic
Title: The Axiom of Choice: what it means and what it does

Speaker: Peter Topping, Warwick University
Track: Differential Geometry
Title: An introduction to Differential Harnack Inequalities

Speaker: Roger Heath-Brown, University of Oxford
Track: Number Theory
Title: Diophantine equations: Algebra, Geometry, Analysis &

Speaker: Gwynneth Stallard, Open University
Track: Dynamical Systems
Title: The role of the escaping set in complex dynamics

Speaker: Tom Coates, Imperial College, London
Track: Algebraic Geometry
Title: Mirror Symmetry

Speaker: Saul Jacka, Warwick University
Track: Financial Maths & Stochastic Analysis
Title: An introduction to math finance with transaction costs

Speaker: Saul Schleimer, Warwick University
Track: Topology
Title: Algorithmic topology

Speaker: John Gibbon, Imperial College, London
Track: Fluid Mechanics
Title: The incompressible 3D Euler and Navier-Stokes equations:
how much do we know?

Speaker: David Conlon, University of Oxford
Track: Combinatorics
Title: On the grid Ramsey problem and related questions

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2015

Location: University of Oxford
Dates: 17-20 August 2015

LMS Public Lecture

Speaker: Vicky Neale, University of Oxford
Title: 7 things you need to know about prime numbers

Plenary Talks

Speaker: Frances Kirwan, University of Oxford
Title: Non-reductive geometric invariant theory and applications in algebraic, symplectic and hyperkahler geometry

Keynote Speakers

Speaker: Frank Smith, University College London
Track: Fluid Dynamics
Title: Bodies and droplets

Speaker: Andrew Granville, Université de Montréal
Track: Number Theory
Title: Patterns in the primes

Speaker: Jonathan Fraser, University of Manchester
Track: Dynamical Systems
Title: Dynamically defined fractals

Speaker: Wilfrid Kendall, University of Warwick
Track: Probability and Stochastic Processes
Title: Probability coupled with Geometry

Speaker: Ragni Piene, University of Oslo
Track: Geometry
Title: Projective geometry from a toric point of view

Speaker: Barbara Niethammer, University of Oxford
Track: PDEs
Title: Dynamic scaling in models for coarsening phenomena

Speaker: Constantin Teleman, University of California, Berkeley
Track: Topology
Title: Division by 2 in characteristic 2 and quadratic topology

Speaker: Carola-Bibiane Schonlieb, University of Cambridge
Track: Numerical Analysis
Title: The Variational Image: Structure of Images and Their Computational

Speaker: Steffan Grunewalder, Lancaster University
Track: Machine Learning
Title: A Challenge for Mathematics

Speaker: Kobi Kremnitzer, University of Oxford
Track: Algebra
Title: Relative algebraic geometry and analytic geometry

Speaker: Cyrille Mathis, Think Tanks Maths, Ltd
Track: Think Tank Maths
Title: What kind of mathematicians for the challenges of the future?

Speaker: Kostas Kardaras, London School of Economics
Track: Mathematical Finance
Title: A version of the Fundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing

Speaker: Martine Ben Amar, École Normale Supérieure
Track: Mathematical Biology and Mathematical Physics
Title: Patterns of Bacterial Colonies

Speaker: Daniela Kühn, University of Birmingham
Track: Combinatorics and Graph Theory
Title: Decompositions of graphs: splitting huge structures into simple pieces

Speaker: Simon Tavaré, University of Cambridge
Track: Statistics
Title: Approximate Bayesian Computation: treasure trove or trivial pursuit?

Young Researchers in Mathematics 2016

Location: University of St Andrews
Dates: 1-4 August 2016

Public Lecture

Speaker: Michael E McIntyre, University of Cambridge
Title: What has the Antarctic ozone hole to do with biological evolution? Selfish-gene theory isn't the Answer to Everything

Plenary Talks

Speaker: Peter Cameron, Queen Mary University of London / University of St Andrews
Title: Mathematics with and without CFSG

Speaker: Clément Mouhout, University of Cambridge

Speaker: Graeme Segal, University of Oxford
Title: The ubiquity of homotopy theory

Keynote Speakers

Speaker: Victoria Gould, University of York
Track: Algebra
Title: Groups and idempotents

Speaker: Philippa Browning, University of Manchester
Track: Plasma Theory
Title: Magnetic reconnection in twisted flux ropes in solar flares and spherical tokamaks

Speaker: Penny Davies, University of Strathclyde
Track: Numerical Analysis
Title: Something Old, Something New...

Speaker: Philip Welch, University of Bristol
Track: Logic & Set Theory
Title: Proving theorems about projective sets of reals from Reflection

Speaker: Sarah Whitehouse, University of Sheffield
Track: Topology
Title: Associativity from a topologist's point of view

Speaker: Adrian Bowman, University of Glasgow
Track: Statistics
Title: Statistics with a human face

Speaker: Jan Gutowski, University of Surrey
Track: Mathematical Physics
Title: Geometry and Black Holes

Speaker: Samir Siksek, University of Warwick
Track: Number Theory
Title: Sums of seven cubes

Speaker: Maarit Järvenpää, University of Oulu
Track: Fractal Geometry & Dynamical Systems
Title: Random covering sets

Speaker: Michael E McIntyre, University of Cambridge
Track: Fluid Mechanics
Title: Jetstreams, vortices, and the Antarctic ozone hole

Speaker: Stephen Coombes, University of Nottingham
Track: Mathematical Biology
Title: Mathematical Neuroscience: from neurons to networks

Speaker: Jon Warren, University of Warwick
Track: Probability Theory
Title: Growth models and the eigenvalues of random matrices

Speaker: James Wright, University of Edinburgh
Track: Analysis
Title: A talk with two tales: from absolutely to uniformly convergent Fourier

Speaker: Kousha Etessami, University of Edinburgh
Track: Game Theory
Title: Game Theory, Fixed Points, and Computational Complexity

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