Gustav de Vries's death and funeral

We give below two translations of Haarlem newspaper reports, the first on the death of Gustav de Vries and the second a report on his funeral. We are grateful to Madeleine de Vries of Amsterdam (Gustav de Vries's granddaughter) for sending us these cuttings.

1. Dr G de Vries has died.
On Friday we reported that a collision had occurred on Thursday on the Staten Bolwerk. The 68-year-old Dr G de Vries, a former teacher at the HBS-A, was the victim. Dr de Vries was transported to the St Joannes de Deo Hospital where he died at 5 o'clock on Sunday morning.

Dr de Vries was born in Amsterdam on 22 January 1866.

After graduating, he first worked for a year at the Royal Military Academy in Breda and then for a year at the Cadet School in Alkmaar.

The year 1894 brought him to Haarlem where he there became a teacher at HBS with 5-year course. On 1 September 1909, Mr de Vries went on to HBS and Higher Trade School here, later HBS-A, to which he remained attached until February 1931 when he reached retirement age.

Dr de Vries mainly taught physics; he also gave lessons in mathematics. The deceased was a respected figure at the HBS-A who always held his profession high.

The funeral will take place on Wednesday at 11.30 am at the General Cemetery, the de Kleverlaan, Haarlem.

2. The burial of Dr G de Vries.
There was very great interest this morning at the General Cemetery at the Kleverlaan when the remains of Dr G de Vries, a former teacher at the HBS-A (Higher Trade School), who died as a result of an accident on the Staten Bolwerk, was carried to his grave. Many of his former colleagues were present.

At the graveside, which was covered by numerous flower arrangements, the first speaker was Dr N van der Schatte Olivier who spoke on behalf of the Masonic Lodge "Kennemerland". He said among other things that the Lodge had suffered a heavy loss because Dr de Vries had been snatched from his earthly existence. De Vries was a man with a good heart and he enjoyed the undivided sympathy of all. He had done much for Freemasonry and the Lodge. The speaker finally put the white gloves, with which the deceased so often conducted a ritual, and three white roses as symbols of wisdom, strength and beauty, on the coffin.

After that a friend of the deceased spoke a personal word of farewell, Mr Dirks brought on behalf of the Chapter "Vidit Vim Virtus" thanks to the deceased for all he has done for the Chapter. The speaker placed three red roses on the coffin, symbols of faith, hope and love.

Mr G J Droste spoke a word of farewell on behalf of a mutual friend Dr Valewink from Bandung.

Mr M Voorzanger, Director of the HBS-A, offered condolences to the family on behalf of the alderman van Onderwijs, who was prevented from attending by official functions. Mr Voorzanger recalled that Dr De Vries has been working for twenty two years at the school. His work contributed a very personal stamp, because he was a personality who put all his gifts into the service of his work. For his students, he was not only a teacher of unusual talent, but also a human being in the true meaning of the word. His example of great honesty and humanity has strengthened many student on their onward journey.

Also towards his colleagues his great humanity had shown itself; he always showed interest in their joys and sorrows. "We have enjoyed your presence at the celebration of the jubilee to which you have given your full personality."

The question of why this rich life so abruptly had to come to an end, we cannot answer, because the decisions of the Eternal Source of Life transcends all human concerns. May this give to his wife and children courage and strength in their later life.

Finally Mr H C L van der Laan spoke on behalf of the former students of the school, on behalf of the Central Committee of the Spiritisten-vereeniging "Harmonia" and as chairman of Haarlem II of this association. "On behalf of the former students, I express gratitude for the many years that you have given us as a teacher and as a person. "Harmonia" suffered a great loss by your departure."

A son of the departed finally thanked the speakers and interested audience.

Last Updated October 2015