I must first express my thanks to Lester H. Lange and Gerald L. Alexanderson for the inspiration to start this compilation.

I would especially like to thank: J. W. S. Cassels and D. T. Whiteside for providing many details about Cambridge and Trinity College; Anthony Edwards for details about Caius College and Cambridge; Manfred Stern and Michael Gebel for showing me around Halle; Dwight and Lois Paine for their report [Paine] on looking for monuments in Europe; Silke Anderson, Irving Finkel, Richard Parkinson and Christopher Walker for showing me material in the British Museum; Jean Varouchas for arranging visits to Nancy and taking me to Pont-à-Mousson; John Fauvel, Peter Ransom, Peter Schreiber and Garry Tee for many miscellaneous items.

I would like to thank: Chris Abbess, E. J. Aiton†, Sue Andrew, A. M. Arthurs, Alessandra Aspes (Director of the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Verona), Cliff and Irene Ault, Mohammad Bagheri, Edmond Bakalar, Tom Banchoff, The Bank of England, Christoph Bandelow, P. Louis Baycock, Norman Biggs, Béla and Gabriella Bollobás, Fern Bongiani, Nanco Bordewijk, Laurie Brokenshire, J. S. Brown, Chris Calladine, Alan Camina, J.W.S. Cassels, Roy Chisholm, Gloria Clifton, Alan and Philippa Collins, Silvana Diana Corrias, Tony Crilly, Richard Crossley, Angela Davis, A.E.L. Davis, J. Dhombres, George Duckworth, Anthony Edwards, Colin Edwards, Elwyn Evans, Jeremy Evans, John Fauvel, Graham Flegg, Roy Foster, Aviezri Fraenkel, Raffaella Franci, Charlotte Franklin, Michael Freude, Rudolf Fritsch, Michael Gebel, John Gillett, Tom Greeves, P. L. Griffiths, Peter Hajek, Michael Hall, Keith Hannabuss, Heiko Harborth, Costel Harnasz, Geoff Harper, John M. Hartwick, Benedict Heal, Hanno Hentrich, Frank Hickman, Hester Higton, Andreas Hinz, Geoffrey Howson, Harry James, Ricky Jay, David Kirby, Frank Kitchen, Brendan Lehane, Hendrik Lenstra, Hamish Lindsay, Valerie Lines (ICL, Stevenage), Des MacHale, Alan Mackay, Ann Maury, Jane Mee (Museums and Gallery Officer, Scarborough), D. P. Miles, Eddie Mizzi, Alun Morris, Willy Moser, Barbara Moss, Avril Neal, Peter Neumann, Derek Newport, Simon Nightingale, James O'Hara, Franco Pacini, Dwight & Lois Paine, Luciano Paiusco, Jon Pepper, Magnus Peterson, Jaime Poniachik, Helen Powlesland, Walter Purkert, Uwe Quasthoff, Peter Ransom, Joan Rees, Diane Revinskas, P. L. Roe, Christopher Sansbury, Heribert Schmitz, Peter Schreiber, Ros Scott-Hodgetts, John Searl, Michael Segre, Will Shortz, Deborah Singmaster, Malcolm Smithers, Frank Smithies, The Smithsonian Institution, Robert Somekh, Manfred Stern, Val Swarbrooke, Tibor Szentivanyi, Garry Tee, Rüdiger Thiele, Andrew & Diane Turnbull, Antony Unwin, Victor Vagliente, Ruth Wallis, John Waugh (Institute of Actuaries), Roger Webster, Chris Weeks, D. T. Whiteside, Robin Whitty; George Wilkins; Alan Williamson; John Withers, John Woodruff and Maria Woods for their information and assistance.

My apologies to anyone I have omitted -- I have had letters from people whose only identification is an undecipherable signature and phone messages from people whose name and phone number are unintelligible.

Finally I would like to thank many people unknown to me -- porters, guards, custodians, secretaries, librarians, etc., who have let me wander about or even shown me about sites and provided booklets, leaflets, prospectuses, etc.