Mathematical Gazetteer of the British Isles

Dates from before 1209 when a group of students left Oxford after a riot and went to Cambridge.

The first recorded Chancellor was elected by 1246.

Town and gown riots occurred in Cambridge as well and in 1381 all the university records were publicly burned, resulting in considerable obscurity about the early history of the university.

The Cambridge system has undergone many changes, but from 1747-1748 until 1910 there was an extended examination, called the Tripos, and the top students were ranked in order as senior wrangler, second wrangler, ....

The total numbers of students with mathematical honours for 1747/48 to 1899 are -- Trinity 5948; St John's 4224; Gonville and Caius 1533; with the other colleges trailing behind.

By the early 20C, the Tripos system was replaced by unordered results within classes, like most other English universities.

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