East Horsley, nr Ockham, Surrey

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Ada Lovelace's husband, William King, Earl of Lovelace, was originally Baron Ockham and had his family seat at Ockham Park, but they acquired East Horsley Park, in East Horsley, a few miles to the south, in 1840 [1].

Lord Lovelace spent thirty years transforming the building into a Rhenish Gothic castle. It was renamed Horsley Towers after he added an extraordinary tower in 1858.

Lovelace pioneered the use of wood formed after being steamed - he reported this to the Institution of Civil Engineers and Isambard Kingdom Brunel expressed approval of Lovelace's Great Hall built in 1847 using bent beams (photo on p.10 of [7]).

He had excellent bricks made and won the medal for brickmaking at the Great Exhibition of 1851. Lovelace was Lord Lieutenant of Surrey in 1840, FRS in 1841 and FICE.
[2] says there is a memorial tablet to Ada in the Chapel, but I didn't notice it.

Lovelace rebuilt a number of buildings in the village and elsewhere in his characteristic style. He also built a number of characteristic horseshoe shaped bridges for transporting timber. [3] gives a walk which passes under two of these bridges, but says most of them are disappearing. Lovelace attended nearby St Martin's Church, where he is buried in a mausoleum he had built some 20 years previously in the NE corner of the churchyard.

In 1919-1926, Horsley Towers was bought by T. O. M. Sopwith, the yacht and aircraft designer. [4]; [5]; [6]

The building still stands at the south end of Ockham Road South and is now (1999) the Horsley Management Centre and Towers, a conference centre.

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