Limerick, Co. Limerick

Mathematical Gazetteer of the British Isles

In the Hunt Museum, now in the Old Custom House in the centre of town, has a good example of the mysterious Roman bronze dodecahedron (cf Tongeren, Belgium), item HCM 157 in case 25 in the Classical Archaeology section. It is dated as 2C from the area which is now France.

In case 36, in the Neolithic section is a carved stone ball, though it is not clear what shape it is meant to be - cf similar in the Museum of Scotland.

The Old Exchange in Nicholas Street had a 'nail', which was a short pedestal with a brass top on which payments were made, as at Bristol and other English trading centres. The Limerick nail is now in the Limerick Museum. This is where the expression "to pay on the nail" comes from.

The Mathematical Gazetteer of the British Isles was created by David Singmaster.
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