Lismore, Co Waterford

Mathematical Gazetteer of the British Isles

In the 7th Century, St Carthach founded a university at Lismore, but it was destroyed by Viking raids in 978. [1] says it had some 4000 students.

Robert Boyle (1627-1692) was born at Lismore Castle, previously a home of Sir Walter Raleigh, who had been granted the territory of the Desmonds and then sold it to Richard Boyle, the first 'Great Earl' of Cork. Robert was the seventh son of the Great Earl. His brother Roger, later first Earl of Orrery, was also born here. All of his brothers were eventually made peers (but Burke's Peerage only lists five brothers: two earls, two viscounts and Robert), so he is related to the Earl of Burlington and to the Cavendishes. Lismore Castle is currently inhabited by the senior Cavendish, the Duke of Devonshire. Robert Boyle several times declined a peerage and never married.

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