Mathematical Gazetteer of the British Isles

Wandering now about London, I will mention monuments in alphabetical order of the individuals. Details are often taken from various specialized London guidebooks. In 1867, The Royal Society of Arts began placing plaques on sites of historic interest. This was taken over by the London County Council (LCC) and its successors, the Greater London Council (GLC) and now English Heritage. The plaques are ceramic discs of a distinctive blue, generally called Blue Plaques, even though some of the earlier ones were rectangular, bronze and/or brown! Before the first War, the London County Council published details justifying each plaque. Additionally, the City of London, several Boroughs and several societies have erected plaques of interest. A number of other cities and institutions have since adopted the idea and in 1998, English Heritage began to extend its role to a national scheme (I'm not sure whether this is just England or all of the UK). In May 1999, Liverpool was the first city for which a list of plaques was announced.

Caution: Plaques vanish with regularity due to demolition and vandalism. Some of the listed sites have vanished and I indicate those that I know of by an appropriate qualification, but it is likely that others have vanished that I do not know about.

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