Monmouth, Monmouthshire

Mathematical Gazetteer of the British Isles

In the churchyard of St Mary's is the gravestone of John Rennie, died 31 May 1832, aged 33 years. This has the inscription shown below. Such patterns, usually in the form of squares or diamonds, were popular puzzle contexts in the late 19C. How many ways can the inscription be read? I get 32032.

eineRnhoJsesJohnRenie ineRnhoJseiesJohnReni neRnhoJseiliesJohnRen eRnhoJseileliesJohnRe RnhoJseilereliesJohnR nhoJseilerereliesJohn hoJseilereHereliesJoh nhoJseilerereliesJohn RnhoJseilereliesJohnR eRnhoJseileliesJohnRe neRnhoJseiliesJohnRen ineRnhoJseiesJohnReni eineRnhoJsesJohnRenie

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