Groups St Andrews 2001 in Oxford


  • Arrival Sunday, 5 August 2001.
  • Departure Saturday, 18 August 2001.

The conference was organised along similar lines to previous events in this series.

Pictures of the conference and a second batch.

Here is the conference timetable timetable

The following people kindly agreed to give short courses of lectures:

  • Prof Marston Conder (Auckland): Group actions on graphs, maps and surfaces with maximum symmetry
  • Prof Persi Diaconis (Stanford): An introduction to random walk on finite groups -
    character theory and geometry
  • Prof Peter P Palfy (Eötvös Loránd, Budapest): Groups and Lattices.
  • Dr Marcus du Sautoy (Cambridge): Zeta functions of groups and counting p-groups
  • Prof Mike Vaughan-Lee (Oxford): Lie methods in group theory.

Accommodation was at Lady Margaret Hall and St Anne's College.
Lecture rooms were in the Mathematical Institute.

The organising committee comprised Colin Campbell, Daniel Groves, Patrick Martineau, Peter Neumann, Edmund Robertson, Geoff Smith, Brian Stewart and Gabrielle Stoy.

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