Groups St Andrews 2009 in Bath

The following is provisional and subject to change. Your talk may be moved to allow for changes to other speakers' talks.

This timetable was last updated on 12th August by MRQ.

Week 1 Short Talks

    2pm 2:30pm 3pm 4pm 4:30pm
Sunday A Rämö Konovalov Fairbairn Alghamdi Reid
2nd Aug B Saunders Blyth Brewster Niemenmaa Zavarnitsine
Monday A Hu Horvath Sangroniz Seress Maroti
3rd Aug B Kurdachenko Karamzadeh Gillespie Monks Darafsheh
  C Betin Dietrich Fransman Basheer Tortora
Tuesday A Kahrobaei Herzog Brough Moghaddam Magidin
4th Aug B Kang Kohl Saeedi Hulpke Imperatore
  C Shumyatsky Zugadi-Reizabal Khukhro    
Thursday A Subbotin Thomas, V
6th Aug B Wilcox Maslova
Friday A Burns Curran McDougall-Bagnall Johnson Grechkoseeva
7th Aug B Acciarri Ercan Bush Neunhöffer Zelenyuk
  C Revin Vdovin    

Sunday 2nd August

2pm-3:30pm, Slot A

  • Johanna Rämö - Products of two involutions in finite simple groups
  • Alexander Konovalov - Torsion units in integral group rings of sporadic simple groups
  • Ben Fairbairn - Computing in sporadic groups: an application of
    symmetric generation

2pm-3:30pm, Slot B

  • Neil Saunders - Strict inequalities of minimal degrees of direct products
  • Russell Blyth - Recent progress on nonabelian tensor squares of groups
  • Ben Brewster - The Frattini argument in direct products

4pm-5pm, Slot A

  • Ahmad M. Alghamdi - On current conjectures of block theory
  • Colin Reid - Just infinite groups

4pm-5pm, Slot B

  • Markku Niemenmaa - On connected transversals to nilpotent subgroups
  • Andrei Zavarnitsine - A solvable group isospectral to S(4,3)

Monday 3rd August

2pm-3:30pm, Slot A

  • Shou-Jen Hu - Rationality problem for groups of order 32
  • Erzsebet Horvath - Real characters in blocks
  • Josu Sangroniz - p-Groups with few almost rational irreducible characters

2pm-3:30pm, Slot B

  • Leonid A. Kurdachenko - On some infinite dimensional linear groups
  • N.S. Karamzadeh - Characterization property of some finite
    simple groups of Lie type by their spectrum
  • Neil Gillespie - On neighbour transitive codes

2pm-3:30pm, Slot C

  • Cansu Betin - Point stabilizers of barely transitive groups and inert subgroups
  • Heiko Dietrich - Periodic patterns in the graph of p-groups of
    maximal class
  • Andrew Fransman - Trifactorized locally finite groups with min-p for every prime p

4pm-5pm, Slot A

  • Akos Seress - Polynomial-time theory of matrix groups
  • Attila Maroti - Hamiltonian cycles in the generating graphs of finite groups

4pm-5pm, Slot B

  • Kenneth M. Monks - Mobius numbers of symmetric groups
  • M.R. Darafsheh - A rationality property of irreducible characters
    of finite groups

4pm-5pm, Slot C

  • Ayoub Basheer - On the regular semisimple elements and primary classes of GL(n,q)
  • Antonio Tortora - Locally graded groups with a Bell condition on
    infinite subsets

Tuesday 4th August

2pm-3:30pm, Slot A

  • Delaram Kahrobaei - The growth rate of an endomorphism of a group
  • Marcel Herzog - On a graph related to maximal subgroups of groups
  • Tara Brough - Groups with poly-context-free word problem

2pm-3:30pm, Slot B

  • Ming-chang Kang - Noether's problem and the unramified Brauer group for groups of order 64
  • Stefan Kohl - Simple groups generated by involutions interchanging residue classes of the integers
  • Farshid Saeedi - The probability of subgroups of a finite group to be normal

2pm-3:30pm, Slot C

  • Pavel Shumyatsky - Commutators in residually finite groups
  • Amaia Zugadi-Reizabal - Hausdorff dimension in groups acting on trees
  • Evgeny Khukhro - Lie ring method applied to a Frobenius group of

4pm-5pm, Slot A

  • Mohammad R.R. Moghaddam - Groups satisfying a symmetric Engel word
  • Arturo Magidin - Classifying 2-generator p-groups of class 2 and
    computing their noabelian tensor square and related functors

4pm-5pm, Slot B

  • Alexander Hulpke - Computational group theory in undergraduate education
  • Diana Imperatore - On a graph of groups related to cyclic

Thursday 6th August

2pm-3pm, Slot A

  • Igor Subbotin - On transitivity of some important subgroup properties
  • Viji Thomas - The box-tensor product, a generalization of the
    non-abelian tensor product of groups

2pm-3pm, Slot B

  • Elizabeth Wilcox - Complete wreath products of groups
  • Natalia V. Maslova - On maximal subgroups of odd degree in finite
    groups with simple classical socle

Friday, 7th August

2pm-3:30pm, Slot A

  • Damien Burns - Recognition algorithms for classical groups
  • John Curran - Automorphisms of products of finite groups
  • Jon McDougall-Bagnall - Groups with every minimal generating set
    of fixed size

2pm-3:30pm, Slot B

  • Cristina Acciarri - Positive laws on large sets of generators
  • Gulin Ercan - On a conjecture of Thompson
  • Michael Bush - Galois groups of maximal unramified

2pm-3:30pm, Slot C

  • 2pm: Danila Revin - Generalization of the Sylow theorem
  • 2:45pm: Evgeny Vdovin - Hall subgroups in finite simple

4pm-5pm, Slot A

  • Marianne Johnson - Modular Lie powers of relation modules and free
    central extensions of groups
  • Mariya Grechkoseeva - Characterization of the finite simple groups by order and set of element orders

4pm-5pm, Slot B

  • Max Neunhoeffer - Finding normal subgroups of even order
  • Yuliya Zelenyuk - Symmetric colourings of finite groups

Week 2 Short Talks

    9am 9:30am 10am 10:30am 2pm 2:30pm 3pm
Wednesday A Felipe Beltran Martinez-Pastor Keller
12th Aug B Tsurkov Williams Talelli Gaglione
  C Quick Shwartz Mullan Seretlo
Friday A Mohamad Detinko Hartung Garcia-Sanchez Varsos
14th Aug B Kumar Fernandez-Alcober      
  C Bludov Glass      

Wednesday 12th August

9am-11am, Slot A

  • Maria-Jose Felipe - Structure of finite groups having few conjugacy class sizes
  • Antonio Beltran - Class size conditions implying solvability of finite groups
  • Ana Martinez-Pastor - Extending the Kegel-Wielandt theorem through pi-decomposable groups
  • Thomas Michael Keller - Lower bounds for the number of conjugacy
    classes of a finite group

9am-11am, Slot B

  • Arkady Tsurkov - Problem of classifying quasi-varieties of nilpotent class 2 finitely generated torsion free groups is wild
  • Gerald Williams - Asphericity and finiteness of some cyclically presented groups
  • Olympia Talelli - On groups of homological dimension one
  • Anthony M. Gaglione - Almost locally free groups and a theorem of

9am-11am, Slot C

  • Martyn Quick - Growth of the number of generators of direct products
  • Robert Shwartz - Artin covers of finite type Artin groups
  • Ciaran Mullan - Logarithmic signatures for finite groups and their applications
  • Thekiso Seretlo - A group of the form 26:A8

Friday 14th August

9am-10am, Slot A

  • Mohd Sham Mohamad - On the nonabelian tensor product of cyclic groups of 2-power order
  • Alla Detinko - Computing with matrix groups over infinite

9am-10am, Slot B

  • Manoj Kumar - Class preserving automorphisms of finite groups
  • Gustavo A. Fernandez-Alcober - Outer commutator words are
    uniformly concise

9am-10am, Slot C

  • Vasily Bludov - Amalgamations of right-orderable and lattice-orderable groups
  • Andrew Glass - Right-orderable analogues of the Higman Embedding
    Theorem and the Boone-Higman Embedding Theorem

2pm-3:30pm, Slot A

  • Rene Hartung - Computation with infinitely presented groups
  • Maria Asun Garcia-Sanchez - Some bounds for the degree of commutativity of a p-group of maximal class
  • Dimitrios Varsos - On the linearity of HNN-extensions with abelian
    base groups

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