Third HMTM: 2004

Mathematics - a common language for Europe for thousand years

Held at: University of Miskolc.

Dates: 21-23 May 2004.

Chair: Gyula Maurer.

Honorary guest: Philip Davies.


Zsuzsanna Ágnes Berényi, Elizabeth Filarszky, the Model of Secondary Mathematics Teachers.

Nicolae Dănet, Teaching Spline Functions with MATHCAD.

Rodica-Mihaela Dănet, How to Introduce Some Basic Notions for an Order Relation.

Antonino Drago, Teaching through Principles or Teaching through Problems: The Two Ideal Models of Reference.

László Filep, How the Greeks might Have Discovered and Approximate Irrational Numbers.

László Filep, Third Conference on the History of Mathematics and Teaching of Mathematics.

Béla Finta, A New Solved Question in Connection to a Problem of Pál Erdős.

Szilvia Holmolya, From the Uncertainty Relation to Differentiable Manifolds.

Róbert Oláh-Gál and Alexandru Horváth, Deep Geometrical Thoughts from Some - until now not Published - Manuscripts of János Bólyai.

Lidia Elena Kozma, Expressing the Limit Problems Dirichlet and Neumann by Means of Monogenous Quaternions.

Gábor Kutrovátz, Mathematics, Logic and Philosophy from a Historical Point of View: The Beginnings of Deductive Mathematics.

Ma Li, A Traditional Chinese way of Teaching of Mathematics.

András Ringler, Surprising Solutions of Quadratic Equations.

András Ringler, A Belated Message of Pythagoras.

John J O'Connor, Edmund F Robertson, Ten years of the History of Mathematics on the Web.

John J O'Connor, Edmund F Robertson, Knots and Physics in 19th Century Scotland.

Erika Rozgonyi, The short history the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Miskolc.

Szilvia Szilágyi, The Beginnings of Lattice Theory.

Djurdjica Takači, Jelena Tatar and Duaša Pešić, On an Introduction of the "ϵδ\epsilon - \delta" Definition of Limits of Functions.

Margit Tarcsi, Once Upon a Time.

Agnes Tuska, History of Mathematics for Teachers of Upper Grades.

Ákos Császár, The contribution of mathematicians of Hungarian origin to the development of mathematics.

Tünde Kántor, The life and work of Samuel Mikoviny.

Gyula Maurer I, A short history of Hungarian mathematical life in Transylvania until 1945.

Katalin Munkácsy, The role of national traditions in mathematics education.

Gyöngyi F Nagy, About sundials.

Júlia Simon and Cecília Szigeti, The life and work of Marcell Riesz.


The Organising Committee has been extended and included Mathematics Institutes of the Universities of Debrecen and Miskolc. Its chairman was Gyula Maurer and members were Péter Kőrtesi (University of Miskolc), Tunde Kántor (University of Debrecen) and Katalin Munkácsy (Eőtvős University of Budapest).

This was the first HMTM conference which was fully international with participants from Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, UK, USA.

This conference took place a few weeks after Hungary joined the European Union, so its motto was: Mathematics - a common language for Europe for thousand years.

The Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on the History of Mathematics and Teaching of Mathematics were published as a special issue of the Octogon Mathematical Magazine.

Some pictures taken at this conference are available at THIS LINK.