Fourth HMTM 2006

Mathematics - a common language for Europe for thousand years

Held at: University of Miskolc.


Chair: Elemér Kiss.

Honorary guests: Tony Gardiner and Gilbert Crombez.


András Benedek (Phil. Research Institute of MTA, Hungary), Is there a school of Hungarian mathematics?

Svetoslav Bilchev and Emiliya Velikova (University Rousse, Bulgaria), 25 Years of National Winter Mathematical Competitions.

Gilbert Crombez (Ghent University, Belgium), Making the hidden Mathematics in contemporary Science and Technology accessible for the Senior Secondary Level.

Márta Fehér (Technical University of Budapest, Hungary), Zeno and the tortoise. Questions and answers on Árpád Szabó's theory of the history of ancient Greek mathematics.

Béla Finta (Petru Maior University of Tg. Mures, Romania), A New Solved Question in Connection witht a Problem of Pál Erdős (II).

Aurél Galántai (University of Miskolc, Hungary), Miklós Hosszú (1929-1980).

Barnabás Garay (Technical University of Budapest, Hungary), On the Habilitation Lecture of Lipót Fejér.

Sándor Horváth (Petru Maior University of Tg. Mures, Romania), Computer Algebra and Teaching Mathematics.

Tünde Kántor (University of Debrecen, Hungary), Famous mathematics teachers and their outstanding students from the early time of KöMal.

József Kolumbán (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania), The Development of the Cluj/Kolozsvár School of Mathematics (A hundred years ago, even more ... ).

Vito Lampret (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Hermite's rule surpasses Simpson's: In mathematics curricula Simpson's rule should be replaced by Hermite's.

Katalin Munkácsy (Eötvös University of Budapest, Hungary), QDA software in a study on the role of mathematics history in the mathematics classroom.

John O'Connor (University of St Andrews, UK), Measuring gravity with a Scottish mountain.

Róbert Oláh-Gál and Tünde Jánosi-Rantz (Sapientia University, Faculty of Business and Humanities, Miercurea-Ciuc, Romania), The problem of the five years old János Bolyai and its generalization for a hypercube.

Hajnalka Peeics (Faculty of Civil Engineering Subotica, University of Novi Sad, Serbia), The Scientific Achievement of József Detki, Professor of Mathematics at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica.

Sever-Angel Popescu (Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Romania), The great Idea of Galois and some of its consequences.

Arthur Powell (Rutgers University, USA), Caleb Gattegno: Contributions of an African Theorist and Innovator to Mathematics Education.

Edmund Robertson (University of St Andrews, UK), P G Tait.

Elvira Sipos (Bolyai Secondary School Senta, Serbia), Teaching Geometry using Computers.

Djurdjica Takaci (Faculty of Science University of Novi Sad, Serbia), Trigonometric functions and computers.

Agnes Tuska (California State University, Fresno, USA), How do prospective Secondary Teachers Plan to Use the History of Mathematics?

Cooperating partners:

János Bolyai Mathematical Society (Budapest), Departments of Mathematics University of Miskolc, Department of Mathematics and Teacher Training College of the Eőtvős University (Budapest), Kerekgedei Society of Mathematics Teachers (Budapest), Departments of Mathematics of University Debrecen, Faculty of Informatics of University Debrecen.


The participants came from Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, UK, USA. In the opening talk Professor Aurél Galántai presented the life and work of Professor Miklós Hosszú (University of Miskolc). Peter Kőrtesi remembered László Filep who died in 2004.

Some pictures taken at this conference are available at THIS LINK.