Eleventh HMTM: 2020

Mathematics - a common language for Europe for thousand years

Held at: On-line.

Dates: 20-23 May 2020.

Chair: Edmund Robertson (University of St Andrews).


Edmund Robertson, The International Congresses of Mathematicians - politics and mathematics.

Aleksandar Nikolic, Serbian Mathematics Institutions 1841-1941.

Lajos Klukovits, Selected Passages from the History of the Szeged Mathematical School.

Peter Tannenbaum, How to divide a cake fairly: The legacy of Dénes König.

Michael Lambrou, Lost books and forgotten theorems from ancient Greek Geometry.

Saeed Seyed Banihashemi, Connection of old and new mathematics in works of Islamic mathematician with a look to application of history of mathematics in education of mathematics.

Colin Campbell and Edmund Robertson, The Copson and Curle Lectures, University of St Andrews.

David Guillemette, Theoretical research frameworks on history of mathematics in mathematics education: current needs and emergent perspectives.

Robert Rogers, Riemann Sums Belong at the End of Integral Calculus, Not the Beginning.

Maria Drakaki, From the Theorem of the Broken Chord to the Beginning of Trigonometry.

Dirk Huylebrouck, Old and new Kepler-Poinsot solids.

Péter Kőrtesi, Imre Vajkovics.

Agnes Tuska, George Pólya's influence on mathematics competitions in the USA.

Andras G Benedek, Methodological Landmarks in the History of Heuristic from Didactic Perspectives.

Tünde Kántor, Figurate numbers. A Bridge between History and Learning of Mathematics.

Katalin Munkácsy and Eleonóra Stettner, How can we use the results of mathematics history in the teaching of calculus?

Péter Kőrtesi, Temesvár letter.

Aleksandar Nikolic, Life and work of mathematician Jovan Karamata (1902-1967).


The COVID-19 virus led to lockdowns and travel restrictions which meant that the conference had to be held on-line. It was a ZOOM meeting run from Miskolc.