ICIAM Su Buchin Prize

This prize, funded by CSIAM, is to provide international recognition of an outstanding contribution by an individual in the application of Mathematics to emerging economies and human development, in particular at the economic and cultural level in developing countries. Awarded every four years, it was awarded for the first time in 2007.

2007 Gilbert Strang
... for his great contributions in many areas of pure and applied mathematics, including finite-element methods, linear algebra and matrix theory, wavelet analysis, signal and image processing, geodesy and telecommunications and to the promotion of mathematical research and education in developing countries.
2011 Edward Lungu
... for his mathematical modelling of problems related to Africa and his fundamental contribution to developing teaching, research and organizational structures for applied mathematics in Southern Africa.
2015 Li Ta-tsien
... for the promotion and development of "modern" pure and applied mathematics in developing countries.
2019 Giulia Di Nunno
... for her long-lasting record of actively and efficiently encouraging top-level mathematical research and education in developing African countries.