ICIAM Collatz Prize

This prize, funded by GAMM, is to provide international recognition to individual scientists under 42 years of age for outstanding work on industrial and applied mathematics. Awarded every four years, it was awarded for the first time at the Opening Ceremony of ICIAM 99 in Edinburgh, Scotland, in July 1999.

1999 Stefan Müller
... for his highly original and profound contributions to applied mathematics, calculus of variations and nonlinear partial differential equations, the mechanics of continua, and mathematical material sciences.
2003 Weinan E
... for his work in many areas of applied mathematics ranging from fluid dynamics to condensed matter physics, including incompressible flows, turbulence, statistical physics, superconductivity, liquid crystals and polymers, epitaxial growth, and micromagnetics.
2007 Felix Otto
... for his fundamental contributions in areas ranging from micromagnetics, to coarsening rates during phase separation, to mass transportation problems. His work has given these areas a sense of clarity and definitiveness that has gone far beyond the reach of existing heuristic arguments.
2011 Emmanuel J. Candès
... in recognition of his outstanding contributions to numerical solution of wave propagation problems and compressive sensing, as well as anisotropic extensions of wavelets.
2015 Annalisa Buffa
... for the use of highly sophisticated mathematical techniques to produce fundamental breakthroughs that are applied to computer simulations in industry.
2019 Siddharta Mishra
... for his breakthrough contributions that skillfully combine modelling of real world problems and rigorous mathematical analysis with the development of efficient and accurate numerical schemes and high performance computing.