The MAA-NAM David Harold Blackwell Lectures

The MAA-NAM David Blackwell Lecture was established in 1994 with an inaugural address by David Harold Blackwell himself. Each year National Association of Mathematicians invites a mathematical researcher who exemplifies the spirit of Blackwell in both personal achievement and service to the mathematical community. The Blackwell Lecturer gives an hour-long lecture, suitable for an audience of undergraduate students with a strong interest in conducting research in the mathematical sciences, which will promote an understanding of mathematics. It is delivered at the Mathematical Association of America MathFest meeting.

Previous MAA-NAM David Harold Blackwell Lectures
Meeting: 1994: University of Minnesota (Minneapolis MN) MathFest / AMS Meeting
Lecturer: David Harold Blackwell (University of California at Berkeley)
Title: Large Derivations of Martingales

Meeting: 1995: University of Vermont (Burlington VT) MathFest / AMS Meeting
Lecturer: David F St Mary (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Title: Computational Ocean Acoustics

Meeting: 1996: Seattle WA MathFest / AMS Meeting
Lecturer: Johnny L Houston (Elizabeth City State University)
Title: An Update on the No-Three-In Line Problem

Meeting: 1997: Atlanta GA MathFest
Lecturer: Fern Y Hunt (National Institute of Standards and Technology - NIST)
Title: Techniques for Visualizing Frequency Patterns in DNA

Meeting: 1998: Toronto CA MathFest
Lecturer: Nathaniel Dean (Rice University)
Title: Network Visualization

Meeting: 1999: Providence RI MathFest
Lecturer: Melvin Robert Currie (National Security Agency)
Title: Wide Open Spaces

Meeting: 2000: Los Angeles CA MathFest
Lecturer: Arlie Oswald Petters (Duke University)
Title: Singularity Theory and Gravitational Lensing

Meeting: 2001: Madison WI MathFest
Lecturer: Carl Graham (Centre de Mathematiques Appliquees - CMAP)
Title: Limit Theorems for a Large Network in Which Customers Join the Shortest Queue Among Several

Meeting: 2002: Burlington VT MathFest
Lecturer: Isom Herron (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - RPI)
Title: Random Walks, Diffusion, and Energy Decay

Meeting: 2003: Boulder CO MathFest
Lecturer: James H Curry (University of Colorado)
Title: Cars, Faces, and Flowers 22.5 Degrees of Separation: What Can Matrix Factorization Tell You?

Meeting: 2004: Providence RI MathFest
Lecturer: Dawn Alisha Lott (Delaware State University)
Title: Mathematical Predictions and Aneurysm Treatment

Meeting: 2005: Albuquerque NM MathFest
Lecturer: Leona Harris Clark (Bennett College for Women)
Title: Modeling the Pharmacokinetics of a Chemical Used in Household Consumer Products

Meeting: 2006: Knoxville TN MathFest
Lecturer: Dominic P Clemence (North Carolina A&T State University)
Title: Public Health and Mathematics: Some Emerging Challenges and Paradigms at the Interface

Meeting: 2007: San Jose CA MathFest
Lecturer: Jack Alexander (Miami Dade College - North Campus)
Title: Puzzling Probabilities Featuring the Street Game of Craps

Meeting: 2008: Madison WI MathFest
Lecturer: Salah-Eldin A Mohammed (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale)
Title: Random Dynamics and Memory: Structure Within Chaos

Meeting: 2009: Portland OR MathFest
Lecturer: Edray Herber Goins (Purdue University)
Title: Why Should I Care About Elliptic Curves?

Meeting: 2010: Pittsburgh PA MathFest
Lecturer: Asamoah Nkwanta (Morgan State University)
Title: The Riordan Group Revisited: From Algebraic Structure to RNA

Meeting: 2011: Lexington KY MathFest
Lecturer: Farrah Jackson Chandler (Elizabeth City State University)
Title: Using e-Mentoring to Prepare the Next Generation of Mathematics Teachers

Meeting: 2012: Madison WI MathFest
Lecturer: Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Arizona State University)
Title: The Marriage between Disease Dynamics and Mathematics: A History of Success

Meeting: 2013: Hartford CT MathFest
Lecturer: Karen Morgan Ivy (New Jersey City University)
Title: Bridging a Gap Between Creative Literacy and Quantitative Literacy: Using Poetry to Improve Quantitative Reasoning

Meeting: 2014: Portland OR MathFest
Lecturer: Mark E Lewis (Cornell University)
Title: Markov Decision Processes, Turnpike Horizons and Blackwell Optimality

Meeting: 2015: Washington DC MathFest
Lecturer: Terrence Richard Blackman (University of Denver)
Title: Mathematics, Mathematicians, Mathematics Education and Equity: Challenges and Opportunities

Meeting: 2016: Columbus OH MathFest
Lecturer: Robert C Hampshire (University of Michigan)
Title: Urban Analytics: The Case for Smart Parking

Meeting: 2017: Chicago IL MathFest
Lecturer: Rudy L Horne (Morehouse College)
Title: Hidden Figures: My Role as a Math Consultant for this Film

Meeting: 2018: Denver CO MathFest
Lecturer: Raegan Higgins (Texas Tech University)
Title: Continuous, Discrete, or Somewhere in Between: An Introduction to Time Scales with Applications

Meeting: 2019: Concinnati OH MathFest
Lecturer: Johnny Houston (Elizabeth City State University)
Title: Dudeney's No Three-In-Line Problem, Solutions, Conditions, Progress, and Conjectures