Gödel Lecturers

The Gödel Lecture is an invited address delivered each year at the Association for Symbolic Logic Annual Meeting.

1990 Ronald Jensen, Inner Models and Large Cardinals.

1991 Dana Scott, Will Logicians be Replaced by Machines?

1992 Joseph R Shoenfield, The Priority Method.

1993 Angus Macintyre, Logic of Real and p-adic Analysis: Achievements and Challenges.

1994 Donald A Martin, L(R)L(R): A Survey.

1995 Leo Harrington, Gödel, Heidegger, and Direct Perception (or, Why I am a Recursion Theorist).

1996 Saharon Shelah, Categoricity without compactness.

1997 Solomon Feferman, Occupations and Preoccupations with Gödel: His "Works" and the Work.

1998 Alexander S Kechris, Current Trends in Descriptive Set Theory.

1999 Stephen A Cook, Logic and computatonal complexity.

2000 Jon Barwise (Cancelled due to death of speaker).

2001 Theodore A Slaman, Recursion Theory.

2002 Harvey Friedman, Issues in the foundations of mathematics.

2003 Boris Zilber, Categoricity.

2004 Michael O Rabin, Proofs persuasions and randomness in mathematics.

2005 Menachem Magidor, Skolem-Lowenheim theorems for generalized logics.

2006 Per Martin-Löf, The two layers of logic.

2007 Ehud Hrushovski (a lecture on his work delivered in his absence by Thomas Scanlon).

2008 W Hugh Woodin, The Continuum Hypothesis, the ω Conjecture, and the inner model problem of one supercompact cardinal.

2009 Richard Shore, Reverse Mathematics: the Playground of Logic

2010 Alexander Razborov, Complexity of propositional proofs

2011 Anand Pillay, First order theories

2012 John Steel, The hereditarily ordinal definable sets in models of determinacy

2013 Kit Fine, Truthmaker sematics

2014 Julia F Knight, Computable structure theory and formulas of special forms

2015 Alex Wilkie, Complex continuations of functions definable in Ran,exp\mathbb{R}_{an,\exp} with a diophantine application

2016 Stevo Todorcevic, Basis problems in set theory

2017 Charles Parsons, Gödel and the universe of sets

2018 Rod Downey, Algorithmic randomness