The Karp Prize

The Karp Prize was established in 1973 in memory of Carol Karp. It is awarded for an outstanding paper or book in the field of symbolic logic. The award is made by the Association for Symbolic Logic every five years.

1978 Robert Vaught

1983 Saharon Shelah
... for his work on the number of nonisomorphic models of first order theories.
1988 Donald A Martin, John R Steel and W Hugh Woodin
... for their work establishing from the existence of a supercompact cardinal that the Axiom of Determinacy holds in the smallest transitive model of ZF containing all reals and all ordinals.
1993 Ehud Hrushovski
... for his introduction of new methods in geometric stability theory.
1993 Alex Wilkie
... for proving the model completeness of the field of real numbers with the exponential function.
1998 Ehud Hrushovsk
... for his work on the Mordell-Lang Conjecture.
2003 Gregory Hjorth and Alexander Kechris
... for their work on Borel equivalence relations, in particular for their results on turbulence and countable Borel equivalence relations.
2008 Zlil Sela
... for his fundamental work connecting logic with geometric group theory.
2013 Moti Gitik
... for his work in set theory, especially applications of large-cardinal forcings to pcfpcf-theory,
2013 Ya'acov Peterzil, Jonathan Pila, Sergei Starchenko,Alex Wilkie
... for their work in model theory, especially as applied to questions in number theory.