ICIAM Lagrange Prize

This prize, funded by SMAI, SEMA and SIMAI, is to provide international recognition to individual mathematicians who have made an exceptional contribution to applied mathematics throughout their careers. Awarded every four years, it was awarded for the first time at the Opening Ceremony of ICIAM 99 in Edinburgh, Scotland, in July 1999.

1999 Jacques-Louis Lions
... for his work in the domain of applied and industrial mathematics in this century.
2003 Enrico Magenes
... for his work on the foundations for the modern treatment of partial differential equations, and in particular the ones mostly used in applications.
2007 Joseph Keller
... for the development of the Geometrical Theory of Diffraction that provided the first systematic description of wave propagation around edges and corners of an obstacle.
2011 Alexandre J. Chorin
... in recognition of his fundamental and original contributions to applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, statistical mechanics, and turbulence modelling.
2015 Andrew J. Majda
... for revolutionary contributions to the development and analysis of mathematical models in atmosphere and ocean sciences.
2019 George Papanicolaou
... for his brilliant use of mathematics to solve important problems in science and engineering; in particular, problems involving inhomogeneity, wave propagation, random media, diffusion, scattering, focusing, imaging, and finance.