Premio Nacional de Matemáticas

The Colombian Mathematical Society awards the National Mathematics Award to those people who have excelled in their professional work and who, through it, have contributed in a fundamental way to the development of mathematics in the country. The National Mathematics Prize has been awarded eleven times since 1989 (this is written in January 2018), when it was awarded to Yu Takeuchi, a professor in the Mathematics Department of the National University of Colombia, Bogotá.

We give a list of the winners of the National Mathematics below:

1989 Yu Takeuchi

1990 Jairo Charris Castañeda

1991 Alonso Takahashi

1992 Guillermo Restrepo Sierra

1993 Carlos Ruiz Salguero

2005 Xavier Caicedo

2007 Victor Albis

2009 Jorge Cossio

2011 José Raul Quintero

2013 Alfonso Castro

2015 Pedro Isaza

2017 José Oswaldo Lezama