The Alice T Schafer Mathematics Prize

The Association for Women in Mathematics established the Alice T Schafer Mathematics Prize in honour of Alice T Schafer for excellence in mathematics by an undergraduate woman.
Only citizens of the United States or those attending an institution in the United States are eligible.

1990 Linda Green and Elizabeth Wilmer

1991 Jeanne Nielsen Clelland

1992 Zvezdelina E Stankova

1993 Catherine H O'Neil and Dana Pascovici

1994 Jing Rebecca Li

1995 Ruth Britto-Pacumio

1996 Ioana Dumitriu

1997 No prize awarded

1998 Sharon Ann Lozano and Jessica A Shepherd

1999 Caroline J Klivans

2000 Mariana E Campbell

2001 Jaclyn (Kohles) Anderson

2002 Kay Kirkpatrick and Melanie Wood

2003 Kate Gruher

2004 Kimberly Spears

2005 Melody Chan

2006 Alexandra Ovetsky

2007 Ana Caraiani

2008 Galyna Dobrovolska and Alison Miller

2009 Maria Monks