Alice T Schafer Mathematics Prize of the AWM

The Association for Women in Mathematics awards the Alice T Schafer Mathematics Prize annually to an undergraduate woman for excellence in mathematics. The awardee may be at any level in her undergraduate career but must be an undergraduate when nominated. She must either be a U.S. citizen or have a school address in the United States. The website of the Association for Women in Mathematics states:-
The Schafer Prize was established in 1990 by the Executive Committee of the Association for Women in Mathematics and is named for the Association for Women in Mathematics former president and one of its founding members, Alice Turner Schafer, who contributed a great deal to women in mathematics throughout her career.
Winners of the Alice T Schafer Mathematics Prize:

1990 Co-Winners: Linda Green, and Elizabeth Wilmer. Honourable Mentions: Jennifer Beineke, Urmi Bhattacharya, Hope Concannon, Colleen Gallagher, Lela Hill, Judy Leavitt, Jennifer McLean, Jeanne Nielsen Clelland, Natalie Thurman, and Ileana Vasu. Special Recognition: Julie B Kerr.

1991 Winner: Jeanne Nielsen Clelland. Runner-Up: Zvezdelina Stankova. Honourable Mentions: Sarah Marie Belcastro, Debra Boutin, Cheryl Grood, Karen King, Speranta Marcu, Edith Mooers, Jessica Polito, and Diana Thomas. Special Recognitions: Yick Chan, and Millie Niss.

1992 Winner: Zvezdelina E Stankova. Runner-Up: Julie B Kerr. Honourable Mentions: Marcia Geiger, Cheryl P Grood, Kristine Hauser, Laura Hegerle, Eugenie Hunsicker, Mary C Joyce, Martha J Mancewicz, Jennifer Williams, and Virginia E Wright.

1993 Co-Winners: Catherine H O'Neil, and Dana Pascovici. Runners-Up: Melissa Aczon, and Susan W Goldstine. Honourable Mentions: Karin Dorman, Rebecca Field, Laura Ann Glenn, and Jennifer Slimowitz.

1994 Winner: Jing Rebecca Li. Runners-up: Patricia Hersh, Julia J Rehmeyer, and Nina Zipser. Honourable Mentions: Jennifer M Switkes, and Yi Wang.

1995 Winner: Ruth Britto-Pacumio. Runners-Up: Wung-Kum Fong, Nancy Heinschel, and Jessica Wachter. Honourable Mentions: Tara E Brendle and Karen Shuman.

1996 Winner: Ioana Dumitriu. Runners-Up: Karen Ball, and Wung-Kum Fong. Honourable Mention: Tara S Holm.

1997 No prize awarded (due to calendar change).

1998 Co-Winners: Sharon Ann Lozano, and Jessica A Shepherd. Runner-Up: Jie Li. Honourable Mentions: Patience Elizabeth Moreno, and Vera Peshchansky.

1999 Winner: Caroline J Klivans. Honourable Mentions: Amanda Mueller, Suzanne Shontz, Laura Ciobanu, and Catherine S Grasso.

2000 Winner: Mariana E Campbell. Runners-Up: Sarah E Dean and Beth Robinson. Honourable Mentions: Jaclyn Kohles, Fumei Lam, and Camillia Smith.

2001 Winner: Jaclyn (Kohles) Anderson. Runners-Up: Sami Assaf, and Suzanne Sindi. Honourable Mentions: Alice Chan, and Crystal Hoyt.

2002 Co-Winners: Kay Kirkpatrick, and Melanie Wood. Honourable Mentions: Karen M Lange, Sonja Mapes, Amy E Marinello, Kathleen A Ponto, and Grace C Wang.

2003 Winner: Kate Gruher. Runners-Up: Wei Ho, and Josephine T Yu. Honourable Mentions: Elizabeth F Thoren, Annalee H Wiswell, and Kathryn M Zuhr.

2004 Winner: Kimberly Spears. Runners-Up: Karola Meszaros, and Jennifer Novak. Honourable Mentions: Ariel E Barton, and Elena Grigorescu.

2005 Winner: Melody Chan. Runners-Up: Margaret I Doig, and Elena Fuchs. Honourable Mention: Annalies Vuong.

2006 Winner: Alexandra Ovetsky. Runner-Up: Allison Bishop. Honourable Mention: Ellen Gasparovic.

2007 Winner: Ana Caraiani. Runners-Up: Tamara Broderick, and Yaim Cooper. Honourable Mention: Alyson Deines.

2008 Co-Winners: Galyna Dobrovolska, and Alison Miller. Honourable Mentions: Naomi Brownstein, Reagin Taylor McNeill, and Mary Wootters.

2009 Winner: Maria Monks. Honourable Mentions: Doris Dobi, Nicole Larsen, and Ila Varma.

2010 Co-Winners: Hannah Alpert, and Charmaine Sia. Runner-Up: Anna Lieb. Honourable Mentions: Megan Bernstein, Ruthi Hortsch, and Laura Starkston.

2011 Winner: Sherry Gong. Runner-Up: Ruthi Hortsch. Honourable Mentions: Jie Geng, Yinghui Wang, and Fan Wei.

2012 Winner: Fan Wei. Runner-up: Jennifer Iglesias. Honourable Mentions: Victoria Akin, and Meng Guo.

2013 Winner: MurphyKate Montee. Runner-up: Yuhou (Susan) Xia. Honourable Mentions: Thao Do, Rebecca Gleit, and Yangzhou Hu.

2014 Winner: Sarah Peluse. Runner-up: Morgan Opie. Honourable Mentions: Shiyu (Jing Jing) Li, and Jessie Zhang.

2015 Winner: Sheela Devadas. Runner-up: Samantha Petti. Honourable Mention: Madeline Brandt.

2016 Winner: Mackenzie Simper. Runner-up: Sarah Tammen. Honourable Mentions: Kaavya G Valiveti, and Madeleine Weinstein.

2017 Winner: Hannah Larson. Runner-up: Sarah McClain Fleming. Honourable Mentions: Lea Kenigsberg, Gwyneth Moreland, Yen Nhi, and Truong Vu.