Rolf Schock Prize in Mathematics

The Rolf Schock Prizes were established and endowed by bequest of philosopher and artist Rolf Schock (1933 1986). There are four prizes decided by committees of three of the Swedish Royal Academies. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decides the Mathematics Prize.

1993 Elias M Stein

1995 Andrew Wiles
... for his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.
1997 Mikio Sato
... for his creation of the theory of hyperfunctions.
1999 Yuri I Manin
... for his important work in algebraic geometry and mathematical physics, in particular for those fundamental papers he has recently published about quantum groups and mirror symmetry.
2001 Elliott H Lieb
...for his outstanding work in mathematical physics, particularly for his contribution to the mathematical understanding of the quantum-mechanical many-body theory and for his work on exact solutions of models in statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics.
2003 Richard P Stanley
... for his fundamental contributions to combinatorics and its relationship to algebra and geometry, in particular for his important contributions to the theory of convex polytopes and his innovative work on enumerative combinatorics.
2005 Luis Caffarelli
... for his important contributions to the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations.
2008 Endre Szemer├ędi
... for his deep and pioneering work from 1975 on arithmetic progressions in subsets of the integers, which has led to great progress and discoveries in several branches of mathematics.
Michael Aschbacher
... for his fundamental contributions to one of the largest mathematical projects ever, the classification of finite simple groups, notably his contribution to the quasi-thin case.
Yitang Zhang
... for his spectacular breakthrough concerning the possibility of an infinite number of twin primes.