The Swedish Mathematical Society Wallenberg Prize

The Wallenberg Prize has been awarded since 1983 by the Swedish Mathematical Society. It has had the name 'Wallenberg Prize' since 1987 when funding for the award was received from the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. It has been distributed to especially promising younger Swedish mathematicians who have graduated with a Ph.D. but who have not yet received a permanent research position. The Wallenberg Prize has been the most prestigious award that a younger Swedish mathematician could have in the country. The stated intention of the prize has been to encourage mathematical research. Most of the prize-winners have gone on to have their career as a mathematician at a Swedish university, and most of the prize-winners today are professors.

Winners of the Wallenberg Prize

1983 Torsten Ekedahl

1984 Svante Janson and Anders Melin

1985 No award

1986 No award

1987 Johan Håstad

1988 Mikael Passare and Ulf Persson

1989 Arne Meurman

1990 Håkan Eliasson

1991 Per Salberger

1992 Håkan Hedenmalm

1993 Johan Råde

1994 Mats Andersson

1995 Kurt Johansson and Anders Szepessy

1996 Peter Ebenfelt

1997 Erik Andersén and Bernt Wennberg

1998 Lars Ernström and Timo Weidl

1999 Olle Häggström

2000 Tobias Ekholm and Erik Palmgren

2001 Warwick Tucker

2002 Pär Kurlberg and Genkai Zhang

2003 Dmitrij Kozlov and Oleg Safronov

2004 Julius Borcea and Serguei Shimorin

2005 Hans Rullgård and Andreas Strömbergsson

2006 Mattias Jonsson

2007 Hans Ringström

2008 Petter Brändén and Anders Karlsson

2009 Mats Boij and Kaj Nyström

2010 Robert Berman

2011 Johan Wästlund

2012 Kristian Bjerklöv and Andreas Rosén

2013 Håkan Samuelsson Kalm and Elizabeth Wulcan

2014 Fredrik Wiklund

2015 Jonatan Lenells and David Rydh