Famous Curves Interactive Applet

The Famous Curves JavaScript applet was converted from the original 1996 Java Applet using Bob Hanson's SwingJS. The original Java Applet was based on Pascal routines by J J O'Connor written for Mathematical MacTutor and adapted by Ben Soares for the Famous Curves section of the Maths History website.

Please do not modify this code without the authors' permission.

Constructive comments are always welcome. No responsibility for this code or its use will be taken by the authors.

The original Java classes for the applet, written in 1996, are made available for those interested below.


contains the definition of the curve object. It is entirely dependent upon the name string given it to define the curve points. The methods used to define the associated curve points are part of this class.


contains the panel used to draw the curve and its associated curves in. This also detects the mouse movements on the curve.


contains the panel at the bottom of the applet making use of a cardlayout in a gridbaglayout. It also detects the mouseclicks on the PointButtons as I could find no easy way of making them do that themselves (if you know how to let me (Ben) know).


contains the definition of the PointButtons which are little more than a triangular appearing canvas.


contains the scrollbarless panel which has the text (instructions/definitions) displayed within.


contains the overall applet which takes param values from the html and creates the curve and places it in the curvepanel which in turn is placed in the curvecontrols.