Edmund Gunter

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Captain Ralph Greatorex, mathematical instrument maker in London, said that he was the first that brought quadrant, sector and cross-staff to perfection. His book of the mathematical instruments did open men's understandings and made young men in love with that study. Before, the mathematical sciences were locked up in the Greek and Latin tongues and so lay untouched, kept safe in some libraries After Mr Gunter published his book, these sciences sprang up amain, more and more to that height it is at now (1690).

When he was a student at Christ Church, it fell to his lot to preach the Good Friday sermon, which some old divines that I knew did hear, but they said that 'twas said of him then in the University that our Saviour never suffered so much since his passion as in that sermon, it was such a lamentable one -- we cannot all do all things.

The world is much indebted to him for what he has done well.

Gunter is originally a Brecknockshire family, of Tregunter. They came thither under the conduct of Sir Bernard Newmarch, when he made the conquest of that county (Camden says). 'Aubrey, Gunter, Waldbeof, Harvard, Pichard' (which is falsely expressed in all Mr Camden's books as Prichard, which is nonsense).
From John Aubrey's Brief Lives. (Edited by R Barber, Boydell Press, 1982)