The Brazilian Mathematical Society

Founded in 1969

The Brazilian Mathematical Society (Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática) was founded in July 1969 during the Seventh Brazilian Colloquium on Mathematics in Pocos de Caldas, Brazil. It was founded:
(i) To be a meeting place for mathematicians and mathematics teachers.

(ii) To promote the development and dissemination of mathematics, in all its aspects, across Brazil and to encourage international collaboration.
At the time of its founding there were various other mathematical societies already operating in the country. For example the São Paulo Mathematical Society and the Paranaense Mathematical Society. The idea was that all these societies would join together and be part of the national Brazilian Mathematical Society. This largely happened, for example the São Paulo Mathematical Society creased to exist and became part of the larger Society. However the Paranaense Mathematical Society continued to have an independent existence and has published the Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática (Bulletin of the Parana Mathematical Society) since 1953.

When the Brazilian Mathematical Society was founded at the Seventh Brazilian Colloquium on Mathematics, all those present at the founding meeting were listed in the "Foundation Minute Book" as founding members. There were 172 such founding members. All the founding members who paid their subscriptions within 120 days of the meeting became members of the Society. The meeting elected Chaim Samuel Honig as the first president, Angelo Antonio Piccinini as the first secretary, and Alberto de Carvalho Peixoto Azevedo as the first treasurer. These three officials served until 31 July 1971. Eight members were elected to the council with length of office arranged so that four would come up for election every two years. The Council first met on 25 August 1969 and the first full meeting of the Society was held on 5 September 1969.

The Brazilian Mathematical Society is based in Rio De Janeiro and, since 1981, has been based in the Instituto de Matemática e Aplicada at 110 Dona Castorina Street, Jardim Botânico. Although based in Rio De Janeiro, the Society has nine regional branches. Since 1979 the Society has been involved in running the Brazilian Mathematical Olympiad competition.

The Society publishes a number of books and journals aimed at different levels of mathematics, from popular science to current mathematical research subjects. It promotes international meetings, in collaboration with other mathematical organizations from Brazil and with other countries. It coordinates PROFMAT (Mestrado Profissional em Matemática em Rede Nacional) a national master's degree programme for secondary school mathematics teachers. Since 2002 the Society has been running the Bienal da Matemática, a biennial meeting devoted to the teaching and popularising of mathematics. The conference attractes around 2000 participants. The Society awards a prize to a young mathematician working in Brazil for publishing the best original research paper in mathematics.

Since 1970 they have published the Boletim da Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática (Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society). In 1989 the Bulletin was relaunched with the English title Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society, beginning a new series and with an international editorial board. Since 1970 the Bulletin has published one volume per year. Beginning in 1985 they published the University Mathematical Magazine which deals with matters of mathematical education. Also, since 1991, The Contemporary Mathematical Magazine has been published and, since 1998, Eureka! a magazine associated with the Olympiad competitions.

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