The Bulgarian Statistical Society

Founded in 1991

The Bulgarian Statistical Society was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the spring of 1991. Before this there had been a series of Summer Schools on Probability and Statistics organised jointly by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Sofia University. Organising began in 1972 with the first Summer School being held in 1974. The Bulgarian Statistical Society now jointly organises these Summer Schools.

When the Bulgarian Statistical Society was founded its aims were set out as follows:-
  1. To disseminate knowledge in the field of statistics.
  2. To maintain a high level of professional qualification.
  3. To work for the enhancement of the social status of its members.
  4. To work for the improvement of educational standards.
The emphasis of the Society has changed since its foundation, however, and now it concentrates more on statistical applications and consulting. The Society has around 40 members and two Sections: Industrial and Business Statistics; and Computational Statistics.

The main efforts of the Society are put into organising seminars and conferences. We mentioned above the Summer School on Probability and Statistics. A annual seminar series on Statistical Data Analysis began in 1982 before the founding of the Society, but since 1996 the Society has taken over the organisation of this seminar series.

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Last Updated August 2004