The Latvian Mathematical Society

Founded in 1993

The Latvian Mathematical Society was founded on 15 January 1993 with 66 founding members. Although this might seem surprisingly late for such a Society to be founded, in fact a mathematics and physics Society had struggled to exist in Latvia earlier but only managed to operate for a short period due to the political situation. This former society was the Latvian Society of Physicists and Mathematicians which had been founded in March 1939. The difficulties which that Society went through is described in a separate article.

See the Latvian Society of Physicists and Mathematicians.

Those who worked to see the Latvian Mathematical Society founded included Uldis Eaitums, Alexander Sostak, Andreja Reinfelds, and Janis Cirulis. The Society is run by a Board of seven members including the Chair of the Society. Uldis Eaitums was elected as the first Chair in 1993 and held this position until 1997, Alexander Sostak was elected as the second Chair in 1997 and held this position until 2000, Andreja Reinfelds was elected as the third Chair of the Society.

The aims of the Society are set out in [1]:-
Consolidating the mathematical community of Latvia, to make Latvian mathematicians feel as a body and not as isolated individuals. In particular, the Society aims to stimulate exchange of ideas between mathematicians representing different areas and fields of science.

Stimulating the development of Latvian mathematical terminology.

Representing Latvian mathematicians and mathematics developed in Latvia in international circles ...

Supplying libraries with current mathematical publications.
The Society is extremely active in organising seminars and conferences. Every second year a non-specialist conference is run covering all mathematical interests of Latvian mathematicians.

In January 1996 Latvia became a member of the International Mathematical Union and in July 1996 the Latvian Mathematical Society became a member of the European Mathematical Society.

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