The Malaysian Mathematical Society

Founded in 1970

The Malaysian Mathematical Society of was founded in 1970 by a group of mathematicians at the University of Malaya to replace the Mathematical Society of Malaya and Singapore which had served both the mathematicians of Malaya and Singapore since 1952. Let us give details of the earlier Society.

The Mathematical Society of Malaya and Singapore was founded on 26 June 1952. Alexander Oppenheim was Deputy Principal of Raffles College from 1947 until 1949. During this time he was active in planning to create the University of Malaya and, in 1949, he became Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Malaya. When the Mathematical Society of Malaya and Singapore was founded in 1952, Oppenheim became the first president. He held this position until 1959 when he became Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malaya with one campus in Singapore and another in Kuala Lumpur. In 1953 the Mathematical Society of Malaya and Singapore began publication of the Bulletin of Malayan Mathematical Society. This was published from 1953 to 1959 and then in 1960 the name was changed to NABLA. Publication of this journal by the Singapore Mathematical Society has continued. Now Daniel Pedoe was appointed as head of the Mathematics Department at the University of Singapore in 1959. He became the second president of the Mathematical Society of Malaya and Singapore in 1960 following after Oppenheim.

The Malaysian Mathematical Society has undergone a number of changes of name over the years since its founding in 1970. On 21 January 1996 it changed its name to Persatuan Matematik Malaysia (Malaysian Mathematical Society). Three years later, on 31 March 1999, it changed its name again, becoming Persatuan Sains Matematik Malaysia (Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society). It has been known as PERSAMA from that time.

The Southeast Asian Mathematical Society was founded in 1972. The inaugural meeting of the Society was held in Singapore in July 1972 and the Society, in addition to having an independent existence, acts as a uniting Society for the Malaysian Mathematical Society, the Singapore Mathematical Society, the Indonesian Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Society of the Philippines.

When the Malaysian Mathematical Society was founded in 1970 it set out its aims as follows (see [1]):
1. To maintain the status and advance the interest of the profession of mathematics.

2. To effect improvements in the teaching of mathematics.

3. To provide means of communication between students teachers and others interested in mathematics and the teaching of mathematics.

4. To foster an interest in the study and pursuit of mathematics and its applications.

5. To take such measures as may be expedient to advance the views of the Society on any question affecting the study and teaching of mathematics.
These aims have remained constant throughout the years and the Society still has a constitution with exactly these aims. Although the Council has had the same structure since the Society was founded, nevertheless, the length its officers serve has been changed. The Council consists of the President, two Vice-Presidents, an Honorary Secretary, an Assistant Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, and Four Committee Members. From the founding of the Society until 1996, the Council members were elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and they held office for a year until the next Annual General Meeting. However, in 1996 the length of the term was changed so that elections only took place biennially. When it began in 1970 the Society had 42 members, almost all from the University of Malaya. Today the Society has a total membership of around 300 people, consisting of academics and school teachers throughout the country, including students and institutions.

The Malaysian Mathematical Society Bulletin began publication in 1978 and the last volume under this title was Volume 22 in 1999. When the Society changed its name in 1999 the Bulletin began a second series under a slightly different name, namely the Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society. Numbering of volumes remained the same so Volume 23 appeared in 2000. The last volume in this series was Volume 37 in 2014, with the current series beginning in 2015 with Volume 38. This series is published by the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society, the Universiti Sains Malaysia and also Springer Singapore. There are four issues per year. The journal states:-
'Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences' is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of original papers/research papers, and it serves as a forum for practical approaches to improving quality in issues related to mathematical sciences, covering topics in the areas but not limited to theoretical and applied mathematics, statistics, industrial mathematics, biomathematics, mathematics education, ethnomathematics, history of mathematics and its related fields. It is published in English and it is open to authors around the world regardless of the nationality.
The author of the article [3] looked at all issues of the Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society from 2000 to 2007. Often the author, A N Zainab, comments on both journals but in these cases we have changed the text to just refer to the Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society [3]:-
The journal has successfully maintained the regularity of publishing its volumes on time. The 'Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences' Society has included information such as the date of submission and the date of acceptance, which reflect the speed of the refereeing and acceptance to print process. English is the main medium used by contributors. It has adopted a more international composition of persons in its board of editors as well as reviewers. It maintains a good balance between foreign and national authors in the production of an issue, to entice both international and national appeal for article submissions. The journal exhibits strong international characteristics, with reasonably high foreign submissions and acceptable citation counts from foreign works.
This Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society recieved the CREAM Award for 2015 and 2016 by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education.

The Society also published the journal Menemui Matematik:-
'Menemui Matematik' (Discovering Mathematics) is one of the flagship publications of the Malaysian Mathematical Science Society (PERSAMA) and is published twice a year (one volume per year). It is published jointly by the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society and Universiti Putra Malaysia. It publishes original research papers and survey articles on all areas of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematics education.

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