Mexican Physical Society

Founded in 1950

On 15 August 1950, a group of researchers and professors mainly from the Institute of Physics, the Faculty of Sciences, and the National Preparatory School of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), met to establish the Mexican Physical Society (Sociedad Mexicana de Física, SMF). On 18 December of that year, the election of the Board of Directors and the Consultative Council took place, with Carlos Graef Fernández elected as President. They signed the Constitutive Act on 5 April 1951 and took office ten days later. The primary objective was to promote research and stimulate interest in physics in various sectors of the population.

The first meeting of the Society took place in the city of Querétaro on 22-26 April 1952. For a report of the first meeting of the Society, see THIS LINK.

The founding act of the Society was signed by 21 people and by 1981, 30 years later, its membership amounted to 1400 fellows. The large development of the SMF was a consequence of the development of physics in Mexico. An example of this is that of the 14 physics teaching institutions for undergraduate and/or graduate studies present by 1981, only two existed in 1951.

Today [2023], the Mexican Physical Society is an association of physicists and other collaborators dedicated to contributing to research in different areas of physics, as well as organising important national events related to this science, such as the Physics Olympiad and the Teaching Meetings. This Society is also responsible for the accreditation and supervision of learning and teaching in physics at the upper secondary and higher level. Its main offices are located in the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM, in Mexico City. The SMF is divided into Thematic Divisions, which are sub-organisations of the Society focused on a particular area of physics.

Currently, the SMF is made up of nine Thematic Divisions, which are: Medical Physics, Fluids and Plasmas, Gravitation and Mathematical Physics, Optics Division, Physics Teaching, Particles and Fields, Nuclear Physics, Radiation Physics and Statistical Physics.

It has two regional divisions, in Puebla and Tabasco.

The Mexican Journal of Physics, the Revista Mexicana de Física, was first published in 1952. The first volume contains the paper Campo gravitacional de Birkhoff de un punto masa en movimiento arbitrario en la teoría de Birkhoff by Carlos Graef Fernández and a paper by Eugene P Wigner, Derivative matrix and scattering matrix which is published in English and a Spanish translation is also published. The Journal continues to be published with one volume of six parts each year. The current volumes have five sections. 1. Letters. Original research or instrumental papers which require fast publication. 2. Reviews. Critical surveys of specific physics subjects in which existing published information is analysed and discussed. 3. Research. Articles with original results in the physical sciences. 4. Instrumentation. Original contributions on the design of scientific instruments, devices and integrated circuits. 5. Education. Articles containing new and original ways of presenting concepts or problems in physics, experiments and designs which can be worked out in laboratories, and original simulation programs.

Presidents of the Mexican Physical Society

Carlos Graef Fernández

Fernando De Alba Andrade

Marcos Moshinsky Borodiansky

Fernando Prieto Calderón

Pier Achille Mello Picco

Jorge Flores Valdés

Sergio Reyes Luján

Alpio G. Calles Martínez

Rosalía Ridaura Sanz

Ramón Peralta Fabi

Rafael Pérez Pascual

Rubén Gerardo Barrera y Pérez

Eugenio Ley Koo

Alejandro Cornejo Rodríguez

Arnulfo Zepeda Domínguez

José Luis Morán López

Carmen Cisneros Gudiño

Pedro Hugo Hernández Tejeda
1999- 2000

Gerardo Contreras Puente

Héctor O. Murrieta Sánchez

Esther Ortiz Salazar

Francisco Ramos Gómez

Luis Felipe Rodríguez Jorge

Romeo De Coss Gómez

Jaime Urrutia Fucugauchi

Estela Susana Lizano Soberón

Darío Núñez Zúñiga

Tonatiuh Matos Chassin

Ana María Cetto Kramis

Tonatiuh Matos Chassin

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