The Swiss Statistical Society

Founded in 1988

The Swiss Statistical Society was founded on the 29 January 1988. Its aims are:
  1. to promote development and application of statistics in Switzerland;
  2. to represent the interests of those active in using statistics, statistical research, and teaching statistics; and
  3. to contribute to establishing statistics as independent scientific discipline.
It provides a forum for contacts between statisticians in the administration, the economy, and research institutions. The Society publishes a Bulletin, which informs the members about the activities of the Society and about forthcoming meetings relevant to statistics in Switzerland. It organizes two conferences, one in spring and the other in the autumn. These meetings are dedicated to the application of statistical methods.

In its first year there were around 100 members of the Society and today it has about 230 members. The first President of the Society was Prof J Hüsler, University of Bern. The succeeding Presidents were Prof S Morgenthaler, Dr U S Gugerli and Prof F Streit, University of Geneva.

Visit the society website.

Last Updated August 2004