National Academy of Sciences of Uruguay

Founded in 2009

The National Academy of Sciences of Uruguay was approved on 2 September 2009 by Law No 18582 which was promulgated on 18 September 2009 and published on 7 October 2009. Its main task is to advise and promote the development of science. To this end, it must promote the development of scientific, technological and innovation activity.

The Academy was set up with a Board of Directors to manage the Academy. The Board has five members. The Academy has up to thirty members [1]:-
Both the full members and the corresponding members must be active scientists, of recognised international prestige, with extensive experience in the field of research training, with original scientific research papers published in high-level scientific journals, as well as in books and monographs and other forms of documented scientific-technological production. The corresponding member category will consist of scientists who do not reside in the country or, temporarily, for exceptional researchers, in a period when the quota of active members is complete. The emeritus academics will be researchers with extensive experience and international prestige, although they do not necessarily have to be active researchers.
The Ministry of Education and Culture set up a commission consisting of members of Academies in the region to invite the first fifteen members. The next fifteen members were appointed within three years of the Academy being founded.

The headquarters of the Academy are in Quinta Vaz Ferreira. The Academy is linked to Academies of Sciences in the region and internationally, such as the Academies of Sciences of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and the United States.

Some activities of the Academy are given in [2]:-
The National Academy of Sciences of Uruguay will carry out scientific outreach and dissemination activities. To this end, it will organise seminars, workshops and forums, and will sponsor the publication of books, articles or other appropriate media for these purposes. It will become a channel to facilitate cross-cutting dialogues between sciences, promoting the formation of a solid and coherent scientific community. It will lend its cooperation to achieve the best level in science teaching in all branches of education. It will maintain links with national and foreign institutions that have similar purposes. In this sense, it should facilitate integration in those activities of science and technology that are developed at a national, regional and international level.

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