Fifty fourth British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Warwick (Joint with BAMC): 7 - 12 April 2002      The partner for this BMC was the BAMC

    The chairman was A Newall and the secretary was A Epstein.

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available by clicking on a link below

General Meeting Minutes for 2002

Scientific Committee Meeting: April 2002

Scientific Committee minutes: October 2002

The plenary speakers were:

Birman, JRecognising the unknot
Chapman, J Subcritical transition in channel flows
Daubechies, I Wavelets and their applications
Diaconis, P The search for randomness
Green, J AThe history of representation theory
Karp, R Mathematical and algorithmic challenges from molecular life sciences
Mumford, D Some surprises when mathematics meets vision
Papanicolaou, G Array imaging, time reversal and communication in random media
Sarnack, P Eigenfunctions on arithmetic surfaces
Trefethen, N Wave packet pseudomodes of matrices and differential operators
Zakharov, V Theory of weak turbulence and its numeric and experimental confirmation

The morning speakers were:

Ball, K Entropy jumps in the presence of a spectral gap
Chatters, ASemi-prime Noetherian rings of injective dimension one
Chatters, A W Semi-prime Noetherian rings of injective dimension one
Cohn, P M Non-commutative localization
Crawley-Boevey, W Representations of algebras, vector bundles with parabolic structure and monodromy
Curtis, R T Using monomial modular representations to construct pre-images of sporadic groups
Dales, H G The amenability of measure algebras
de Jeu, R K-theory, regulators and L-functions for curves over number fields
Dickinson, DDiophantine approximation on manifolds
Dietmar, ALefschetz formulae, trace formulae and zeta functions
Gray, J J F S Macaulay - an English schoolmaster and abstract algebra
Halbeisen, LMaking doughnuts of Cohen reals
Kazarian, M Multisingularities and cobordisms
Marklov, J Values of quadratic forms at lattice points
Stedall, J Conspiring with the gods: the mathematics of William Brouncker (c. 1620 - 1684)
Tillmann, U The topology of surface bundles
Veselov, A Deformed root systems and quantum integrability
Zelevinsky, ACluster alggebras: foundations and finite type clasification

Special session: Braids and low-dimensional topology 
Crisp, JCube complexes and the conjugacy problem for graph braid groups
Dehornoy, PFrom set theory to braids via self-distributive algebra
Krammer, DMapping class group actions on ordered sets
Teichner, PGraph cobordism of classical knots

Special session: Quantum phenomema  Organisers: G Friesecke and L Mason
Dowker, FThe deep quantum structure of spacetime
Josza, R Quantum computation - some theoretical challenges
Parnovski, LBethe-Sommerfeld conjecture and periodic differential operators

Special session: Random matrices operators and polynomials  Organiser: Y Fyodorov
Davies, E BSpectral properties of random non-self-adjoint matrices and operators
Hambly, BThe characteristic polynomials of random permutation matrices
Khoruzhenko, BRegularity in the complex spectra of random circulat Jacobi matrices

Special session: Geometry topology and mechanics Organiser: M Roberts 
Derks, DMulti-symplectic systems, symmetry and stability
Dullin, HHyberbolic Hamiltonian monodromy
Mitchell, KFractal escape time and chaotic dynamics
Wulff, CStability of Poisson equilibria