British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1975.

The enrolment was 499.

Organisers were B E Johnson

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available at the links below

The plenary speakers were:

Bombieri, E
Cartier, P A survey of measure theory in the past ten years
Hirzebruch, F Intersection numbers and class number relations

The morning speakers were:

Bonsall, F F An intrinsic view of the Hardy spaces
Churchhouse, R F Some recent discoveries in number theory and analysis made by computers
Gordon, C McA Knot cobordism
Hodgkin, L Problems in K-theory
Livingstone, D Groups, geometries and non-linearity
McMullen, P What Euler's relation tells us
Manning, A Topological entropy
Masser, D W Some results in transcendence theory
Moran, W Infinite convolution measures
Penrose, R Gravitons and complex manifolds
Rado, R Conditions satisfied by every partition of the positive integers into finitely many classes
Roseblade, J E Finiteness conditions in groups and their rings
Taylor, J L Some invariants associated with Banach algebras
Taylor, S J The regularity of randomness
Thomas, C B Contact structures
Wiegold, J What transitive groups have fixed-point-free permutations?
Wraith, G C Generic structures and topoi