British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Aberystwyth: Aberystwyth 1976.

The enrolment was 365.

Organisers were A O Morris

The plenary speakers were:

Harder, G On the cohomology of discrete arithmetically defined groups
Lions, J L A survey of optimal controls of distributed parameter systems
Seidel, J J Spherical codes and designs

The morning speakers were:

Aschbacher, M Thin finite simple groups
Evans, W D Self-adjointness of Hamiltonian operators
Haydon, R G Some injective objects in functional analysis
Hitchin, N J Spinors in differential geometry
Lewis, D J Diophantine problems and permutation groups
McConnell, J Groups, rings and Lie algebras: some interactions
Nash-Williams, C St J A Graphs
Odoni, R W K How primes behave in number fields
Preston, G B Some recent work in inverse semigroups
Rosenberg, H Curvature of knots and surfaces
Scott, P Three-manifolds and groups of low cohomological dimension
Swinnerton-Dyer, H P F Justifying small parameter theory
Tennison, B R On the cohomology of algebraic varieties: Deligne's version of Hodge theory
Wehrfritz, B A F Representation of soluble groups
Williams, D The Q-matrix problem
Williamson, J H Symmetry and assymmetry in group algebras
Wood, R Framing Lie groups
Yates, C E M Banach-Mazur games, comeager sets and degrees of unsolvability