British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Oxford: Oxford 1981.

The enrolment was 400.

Organisers were M F Atiyah

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available at the links below

The plenary speakers were:

Connes, A Operator algebras, K-theory and foliations
Maynard-Smith, J Evolutionary game theory
Schmidt, W Diophantine equations and inequalities

The morning speakers were:

Ball, J M Global invertibility of Sobolev mappings and the interpenetration of matter
Bollobas, B Random graphs
Bryant, R M Sylow subgroups of locally finite groups
Eccles, P Multiple points of immersions
Eklof, P C Applications of set theory to homological algebra
Freyd, P A proof of the independence of the Axiom of Choice
Gibbons, G W The Euclidean approach to quantum gravity
Gillespie, T A Self-adjoint operators on Banach spaces
Gratton-Guiness, G Psychology in the foundations of mathematics: the cases of Boole and Cantor
Grimmett, G Stochastic models for invasion and death
Hall, R R Hooley's Delta function and the propinquity of divisors
Jones, J D S The Kervaire invariant in geometry and homotopy theory
Lewis, J T Non-commutative stochastic processes
Series, C M Infinite words and limit sets of Fuchsian groups
Siebenmann, L New geometric factorisations of classical knots
Taylor, M J Galois modules
Vamos, P Numerical invariants and ordered Grothendieck groups