British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Bath: Bath 1991.

The enrolment was 220.

Organisers were G C Smith

The plenary speakers were:

Aidan, S Algorithmic problems for groups and semigroups
Ekeland, I Symplectic geometry
Odlyzko, A Zeros of the Riemann zeta function: conjectures and computations

The morning speakers were:

Brezis, H Uniform estimates and blow-up for a nonlinear partial differential equation
Brightwell, G R Circles, planar graphs and partial orders
Brookes, C J B Groups and quasi-isometries of trees
Carbery, A Problems in harmonic analysis related to curvature
Goldie, C M Renewal theory for measures satisfying convolution equations
Kirwan, F C Casson's invariant and moduli spaces of bundles over Riemann surfaces
Ledermann, W Issai Schur and his work
Macintyre, A J Logic and analytic functions
Martin, U Orderings and termination proofs
Micallef, M J Singular points of area-minimising surfaces and pseudo-holomorphic curves
Odoni, R W K Galois groups and wreath products
Preiss, D Rectifiability of measures
Ray, N Sequences of polynomials in topology, combinatorics and formal calculus
Salamon, D A Floer homology and the Maslov index
Ward, R S Completely-solvable partial differential equations and Lie algebras