British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Manchester: Manchester 1998.

The enrolment was 200.

Organisers were R Plymen

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available at the links below

The plenary speakers were:

Connes, A Non-commutative geometry and the Riemann zeta function
Macdonald, I G Constant term identities
Uhlenbeck, K K Geometric partial differential equations: a comparison between elliptic and hyperbolic theory
Woodin, W H Logical themes in descriptive set theory

The morning speakers were:

Baker, A J Arithmetic invariants and periodicity in stable homotopy theory
Boca, F P Topics on non-commutative tori
Bushnell, C J The local Langlands conjecture - some recent progress
Du Sautoy, M P F Zeta functions of groups: a tool for counting p-groups
Fesenko, I B The wild group
Goryunov, V V Unitary reflection groups and functions with cyclic symmetry
Hunton, J R Topological invariants for quasi-periodic tilings
Keating, J P Random matrix theory and the Riemann zeros
Lyons, T J Non-linear systems driven by rough paths
McKee, J F How to factorise small numbers, slowly
Premet, A A Recent progress in the classification of finite-dimensonal simple Lie algebras in prime characteristic
Rickard, J C Some conjectures in representation theory
Saxl, J Groups and graphs
van den Berg, M Heat flow and spectral asyptotics

Special session: Mathematical logic, Organiser: A J Macintyre

Boffa, M Rational identities related to finite automata structure
Gardener, T Rigid subanalytic geometry
Macintyre, A J Non-standard aspects of algebraic geometry
Macpherson, H D Weakly o-minimal structures

Special session: Dynamical Systems, Organiser: S M Rees

van Strien, S J Real and holomorphic dynamics of real polynomials, an overview
Yoccoz, J-C Dynamics near homoclinic bifurcations
Young, L-S The speed of mixing in chaotic dynamical systems