British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Southampton: Southampton 1999.

The enrolment was 165.

Organisers were M Dunwoody

The plenary speakers were:

Buekenhout, F Incidence geometries and finite groups
Ghys, E Groups acting on manifolds
Shalev, A Simple groups, Cayley groups and probability
Vogan, D Three dimensional subgroups and unitary representations

The morning speakers were:

Biggs, N L Algebraic games on graphs
Bley, W Inveriants associated with S-units
Borovik, A V Combinatorial geometry in characteristic one
Brown, R
Bruce, J W Curves, surfaces and differential equations
Bullett, S R Rational map, Kleinian groups and combination theorems
Burns, D Refined Euler characteristics and some uses in arithmetic
Chapman, J Complex ray theory
Cohen, P Effective Diophantine approximation by Thue-Siegel, bypassing Dyson
Flavell, P J Generation theorems for finite groups
Jones, G A Dessins d'enfants: geometric actions of Galois groups
Kirwan, F C Moduli spaces of bundles over Riemann surfaces
Leader, I B Isoperimetric inequalities
O'Farrell, A G Algebras of smooth functions
Singerman, D Riemann surfaces: a child's viewpoint
Strickland, N P From homotopy theory to arithmetic geometry
White, M C The cohomology of noughts and crosses algebras

Special session: Geometric group theory, Organiser: David Epstein

Bowditch, B H Planar groups and Seifert fibre spaces
Howie, J Rigidity of some 1-relator groups
Rivin, I

Special session: Stochastic analysis, Organiser: Terry Lyons

Barlow, M Random walks on some fractal graphs
Grigoryan, A Diffusion on non-compact Riemannian manifolds
Siegmund, D Two problems of multiple comparisons in genetics