British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Leeds: Leeds 2000.

The enrolment was 355.

Organisers were H G Dales

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available at the links below

The plenary speakers were:

Atiyah, M F Mathematics in the 20th Century
Donaldson, S K Scalar curvature in Kähler geometry
Friedman, H The mathematical meaning of mathematical logic
Jantzen, J C Representations in prime characteristic
Jones, V The quantum Platonic solids

The morning speakers were:

Brodzki, J K-theory of Fréchet algebras and the Chern character
Coates, J Euler characteristics of p-adic Lie groups and arithmetic
Dzamonja, M Universal models
Lenagan, T H The algebra of quantum matrices
Nazarov, M Yangians and classical Lie algebras
Pedit, F Surfaces and quaternions
Reshetikhin, N Integrability of characteristic systems on Poisson Lie groups
Rieffel, M String theory and quantum tori
Robinson, G R Arithmetical properties of group characters
Spiess, M Rigid analytic L-functions
Tillmann, U Moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces and conformal field theory
Totaro, B Elliptic cohomology and singular algebraic varieties
van Dalen, D The fight of the Century: Brouwer versus Hilbert
Veselov, A Quantum integrability, configurations of hyperplanes and Hadamard's problem
Young, N J Variants of classical interpolation problems arising in control engineering
Zilber, B Logic of classical analytic functions and diophantine number theory

Special session: Harmonic maps and minimal surfaces, Organisers: J Bolton and J C Wood

Baird, P Polynomial harmonic morphisms
Micallef, M Remarks on minimal surfaces in Käler manifolds
Topping, P Repulsion and quantisatioin in almost-harmonic maps

Special session: Operator algebras, Organisers: E C Lance and A M Sinclair

Anantharaman-Delaroche, C Amenable dynamical systems and groupoids, and the Novikov conjecture
Eilers, S Regularity revisited
Wassermann, S Exact groups and C*-algebras