British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Liverpool (Joint with BAMC): Liverpool (Joint with BAMC) 2005.

The enrolment was 520.

Organisers were P Giblin

The partner for this BMC was BAMC

The plenary speakers were:

Ball, J M Open problems in the calculus of variations and elasticity
Berry, M V Physics of nonhermitian degeneracies
Elkies, N Recent progress in sphere packing
Fantechi, B Stacky techniques in enumerative geometry
Friedman, A Bifurcation from stability to instability in free boundary problems
Khovanskii, A The solvability and unsolvability of equations in finite terms
McDuff, D Remarks on groups of symplectomorphisms
Maz'ya, V Unsolved mysteries of solutions to PDEs near the boundary
Milton, G Composite materials: an old field of study full of new surprises
Toland, J F Standing waves
Werner, J Mathematical aspects of the scaling limit of 2-d critical systems

The morning speakers were:

Davis, M H A Complete market models for option trading with stochastic volatility
Etheridge, A M Some mathematical challenges from population genetics
Gordon, I Symplectic reflection algebras
Heath-Brown, R Counting rational points on algebraic varieties
Lackenby, M The geometry anf topology of finite Cayley grphs
Luzzato, S Rigorous numerical and probabilistic methods in dynamical systems
Mond, D Free divisors and how they multiply
Robson, E Mathematics and society in ancient Iraq
Schroer, J From preprojective algebras to Lie algebras
Thomas, R Counting curves - a survey of MNOP theory
Wood, J C Harmonic morphisms
Wulff, C Stability of Poisson equilibria

Special session: Algebraic and arithmetic geometry, Organisers: E V Flynn and P Newstead

Bruin, N Exhibiting elements of Tate-Shafarevich groups of Abelian varieties
Peternell, T Pseudo-effective line bundles and the canonical bundle
Verra, A Unirationality problems for algebraic varieties and moduli spaces

Special session: Differential Equations, Organiser: E Shargorodsky

Chilton, D The spectral representaion of two-point BVPs for arbitrary order linear evolution PDEs
Dodds, N Spectral properties of non-local operators
Hydon, P Symmetries of initial-value problems
Kamotski, V 2D Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities