British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Newcastle: Newcastle 2006.

The enrolment was 202.

Organisers were A Duncan

The plenary speakers were:

Higson, N Dimensions in C*-algebras
Kac, V Quantization and chiralization
Kirillov, A A tale of two fractals
Mihailescu, P Cyclotomic norm equations and Catalan's Conjecture

The morning speakers were:

Bielawski, R The geometry of monopoles
Blower, G Transportation inequalities with applications to random matrices and Markov processes
Dafermos, M The red-shift effect and decay rates for the wave equation of a Schwarzschild black hole exterior
Farber, M Topology and robot motion planning
Howie, J Limits of free groups
Niblo, G Property T from a geometric group theorist's point of view
Partington, J R The classical moment problem and beyond
Read, C J Fun and games with non-standard ideals
Schocker, M The Solomon descent algebra
Scholl, A J Recent progress on Serre's conjecture
Shargorodsky, E Stokes waves, Bernoulli free boundaries and the Riemann-Hilbert problem
Smyth, C Salem numbers: recent developments
Snashall, N Representation theory and support varieties for modules

Public lecture

Acheson, D 1089 and all that

Special session: Analysis and geometry on groups, Organisers: A J Duncan and G Niblo

Baum, P What is an equivariant index?
Valette, A Quasi-isometric embeddings of groups and growth of 1-cocycles
Zuk, A Automata groups

Special session: Operator theory, Organisers: M A Dritschel and J R Partington

Arendt, W Perturbation of generators, cosine functions and functional calculus
Englis, M Toeplitz operators and group representations
Shapiro, J On the Toeplitzness of composition operators