British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Swansea: Swansea 2007.

The enrolment was 288.

Organisers were N Jacob

The plenary speakers were:

Cao, H-D Ricci flow and geometrization of three-manifolds
Connes, A Recent developments on non-commutative geometry
McKean, H Camassa-Holm: a 1-dimensional caricature of Euler's equation
Stroock, D A cautionary tale about the loss of the minimum principle

The morning speakers were:

Bergstra, J On meadows and fields
Calderbank, D Extremal Kähler metrics, conjectures and examples
Leader, I B Euclidean Ramsey theory
Leinster T New perspectives on the Euker characteristic
Marklov, J The Boltzmann-Grad limit of the periodic Lorentz gas and the distribution of visible lattice points
Morters, P Localisation of mass in random media
Qian, Z On strong solutions of the 3D-Navier-Stokes equations
Rathjen, M Theories and ordinals
Singer, M Special metrics in Kähler geometry
Sobolev, A Qualatitive and quantitative perturbation theory for periodic operators
Vassiliev, D Teleparallelism: difficult word but simple way of reinterpreting the Dirac equation
Wendland, K From dualities to geometry

Other lectures

Grattan-Guiness, I Euler tercentenary lecture: on Euler's influence
Series, C M Indra's pearls: geometry and symmetry

Special session: Algebraic topology

Morton, H R Mutants with extra symmetry
Satukurunath, R An algorithmic approach to Dold-Puppe complexes
Schwede, S
Stacey, A Algebraic objects inalgebraic topology
Theriault, S

Special session: Harmonic analysis

Beckner, W Embedding, potentials, symmetry -- applications of harmonic analysis on Lie groups
Erdogan, M B Dispersive estimates for Shrödinger equations with large magnetic potentials
Katz, N Directional maximal operators
Körner, T Random thoughts of an idle fellow
Vargas, A Bilinear restriction theorems and applications to dispersive equations
Wisewell, L Polygons with holes and tube measure